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  1. Why female bodybluiders developing enormous clit & labia?


    According to medical science, there is no method to increase his\her genital parts, so why female bodybuilders are developing enormous clit & labia. so here science is failed.?




    sorry, i am not insulting female gender in any form, i have doubt so i asking it.

  2. That depends on definition what is "illegal video".


    f.e. video made by somebody else, that you used and uploaded, f.e. some Hollywood movie.

    They're removed when YouTube is informed by original producer or movie making company that has rights for it.

    If you will use music that you don't have rights for, it will be also removed.

    Porno/controversy is another story.


    I made by myself, and uploaded to YouTube approximately 120 videos. None was removed.


    Below YT video there are buttons, More, and Report. If somebody will press it, YouTube admins are informed about something wrong with video, and taking look a

    Ok thanks,

    but i am asking in what cases, uploader of the youtube video will go to jail?

  3. They store more than the one thing. Who's going to toss something that can still be used by students and researchers?

    i think you also don't know the exact answer to my question.

    Anyway i asked the same question to my friend: he said Eye banks are necessary to properly retrieve and store eyes. They extract, preserve, and dispatch corneas when necessary, what he said is correct or wrong?

  4. 4 frames per sec would be rather blocky so I would imagine some CGI was used to add intermediate images

    why 4 frames per sec would look blocky?, see frames per sec is related to video, resolution is needed for images, not frames per sec

    for example: if you have JPEG file it contains resolution not frames per sec as you said.

  5. The majority of research does not use visual based telescopes. How can it, take a star for example that is emitting light in the visual frequencies. Then redshift that light till it's just barely detectable in the infra red spectrum.


    Redshift is merely one aspect of visual limitation. We also have the limitation of sheer distance. Those stars and planets we find are mere dots in some cases.


    Thanks, but i am not asking what is Red Shift, once again i repeat the question for you:

    why most of space videos are CGI?

    i never saw how Mar's Curiosity lands, maximum all space images & videos in google & youtube are CGI. why so?

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