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  1. actual brain choose the thing, what you have experienced earlier decisions. for suppose, if you mix more salt then your food become salty by tasting, so you choose less salt to make the food taste good.
  2. Why female bodybluiders developing enormous clit & labia? According to medical science, there is no method to increase his\her genital parts, so why female bodybuilders are developing enormous clit & labia. so here science is failed.? sorry, i am not insulting female gender in any form, i have doubt so i asking it.
  3. person's virginity can get lost by oral sex only? We all know that oral sex is done without involving intercourse.
  4. sorry, i am asking: why there is no bill for radio telecast channels? if we pay bills for telephone & TV channels, why not for radio channel?
  5. why there is no bill for radio telecast channels? if we pay bills for telephone & TV channels, why not for radio? Radio is also communication device like telephone & TV.
  6. Oh thanks. but gmail receiving forward email after 5 minutes, why 5 mins delay?
  7. how to set Automatically forward new emails from my yahoo id to gmail id?
  8. Why Windows Old Version OS cant be installed on latest computers? Windows 98 cant able to installed on Core 2 Duo Processor, why so?
  9. Most of Animals have red color blood, but Why Human Blood looks very dark red compare to Animals?
  10. i can easily catch butterfly, because it don't have stings like honeybee have, i feel sad for it, if every insect protect themselves, then what about butterfly? How butterfly protect themselves from other beings?
  11. i am thinking this is serious issue, why one antivirus blocking this site?, see this screenshot, i turned off my web shield avast:
  12. I dont understand twisting and torquing our backbones is really hard, backbones dont move it always stationary, why you mention twisting and torquing?
  13. Why My Avast Web Shield is blocking this site? i don't know why, please tell. i always turn off my web shield of avast, whenever i want to visit this site.
  14. Ok thanks, but i am asking in what cases, uploader of the youtube video will go to jail?
  15. uploading illegal video in YouTube will lead me to cyber crime? sometimes videos get deleted, sometime uploader will go to jail best example: uploader of innocence of Muslims gone to jail. how they decide?
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