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  1. do you know when will they send me the e-mail
  2. i am more desprete than you i cant write a thread becuase they didnt send me an e-mail when do they send it i hope and beg that youl answer me? please
  3. i can a sure you that hydrochloric acid is real i have done many experements on it
  4. you can get mecury from termometer\it tells you whats your temputure..haha| there are lots of termo meters in the hospital you can buy one and get the mercury from it
  5. you can try sepereting {cloried and soudem} from salt
  6. no dont forget the the posstive particals atracts to the negative particals and no posative particals atracts with possitive particals and no negative partical atracts with negative particals the strong force atracts the protons with another protons in the atomic nucles
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