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  1. Are you suggesting mixing the bleach with muratic acid?
  2. I am looking for a method which will corrode steel within a few days. I've searched the web and got a ton of possibilities, but mostly from artists who purposely create rust for their sculptures (i.e. they aren't chemists). The latest method I tried is a bucket of Bleach, Vinegar, and Salt. It produced a surface rust within hours, but it's been about 36 hours and I gave one of my test specimens (bolt + nut) an inspection and found the rust easily wiped off (it's also 20 degrees F out there so that isn't helping the chemical rxn) I have 3 dozen bolt + nut (hand tightened) combos which I need to corrode to a point where the nut seizes and needs penetrating oil to free. This experiment is to test the effectiveness of various penetrating oils for use in a senior design project so I can get out of college and move on with my life ha. I don't have access to fancy tools, but I'm willing to use electricity and whatever corrosive compounds I can get at walmart / home depot. Suggestions?
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