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  1. That's exactly what it said. It had two Laurel and Hardy type scientists doing all the demonstrations. I'm guessing the reason for that was to keep things light and humourous, but instead, it was extremely irritating and just incongruent with what the show was actually talking about.
  2. I have no idea where to look for this theory. I was watching a show on the science channel, and this theory was described. Basically, it was a theory that stated that all particles are in contact/communication with each other throughout the entire universe. The experiment described went something like this: A scientist took two particles and using what I guess is a law of quantum mechanics showed that they both must revolve in opposite directions -I believe this is common knowledge. He then completely separated them in his lab. He then reversed the spin of one of the particles. Instantly, the other particle changed direction of its spin independently. The scientist then coined this theory that all particles are linked and effect each other via some unseen force or something along those lines. Sound familiar?
  3. Do you now? Do you also criticize people who waste fuel in other ways, for example nascar drivers, motox riders, FMX rides, jet ski riders, wakeboarders, water skiers, snow mobile racers, freestyle snow mobile riders........(the list goes on and on)? No? Then, I call you a hypocrite. I am not writing a paper for an assignment or for you. I originally posted a question in the chemistry forum. I added a little explanation for my question and had to read two pages of posts from people being completely over the top trying to shoot my ideas down when they had no idea what was going on my head. I posted and posted trying to make people understand, but I am not trying to prove anything; and I'm sick of reading your posts. eerrr...that's my point. You agree that John and the other guy are hipocrites, you agree with the above statement, but you just thought you would come on here and post just to bash me by being pedantic..........? I have learnt not to post anywhere on this forum if I fancy discussing something. Last time I'm posting this.....
  4. But if you did and you were giving people shit for driving an SUV because they are "wasting fuel" you would be a ....hypocrite?
  5. I just felt in both of my threads he/she has been really condescending.
  6. There is kite surfing. But that's beside the point. If you have no probelm with someone driving a boat up and down a lake all day long because "There is no more fuel efficient way to go wakeboarding" then standing there and telling someone that because they are driving a vehicle that burns more fuel than yours to go the same distance (even though this person pays for the extra because they enjoy driving their vehicle why is it people wake board again?) then you are a hypocrite. Wrong about what?
  7. The point of this post was nothing more than to get one of you to admit how this..." Lets just say; That no other source of fossil fuel burning burns as much fuel as an SUV, for it's specific job/ task (yeah take an airplane at per passenger value). If a person driving an SUV is not allowed to burn that extra bit of gas driving to work and back just for the sheer pleasure of it, why should someone be allowed to race around on a jet ski, go wake boarding, race a car with a big engine etc. for the sheer pleasure of it? " is hypocrisy. That might be your point. It's not mine. For the love of who?...........lol Oh by the way
  8. lol....Ok "ecoli." I've made my point. I would like to say that proving someone to be a hypocrite is not a scientifc experiment. Next you'll be wanting to lay Fred and John out on a table to perform all kinds of dodgey experiments on them just to prove if they are racist or not...lol
  9. The point of this threa was try and try again to get someone to admit this........... Thank you ecoli. And thanks you too Cap'n Refsmmat. I totaly understand the analness of phi for all now. Seriously thanks. Because I just thought you were all a bunch of up tight, anal etc ers. I see now that to be taken seriosuly here, or even to be invloved in a fair discussion, i muct have some kind of evidence some numebrs of some sort for you all to punch into an equation (I can hear phi for all now "well that's how science works). Nothing at all. These people can make themselve look like fools all they want.
  10. Thanks Cap'n Rersmmat. I appreciat this post. Why should they not be allowed to use more gas than they need? Yes. But isn't there....not nascar racing? Or even riding a 125cc off road bike than a 350? Or kite surfing instead of wakeboarding?
  11. Oh ok I get it now. Now I see why you people can't debate or discuss anything. Because you need to everything presented to you in the scientific method, even if that is someones opinion, it must be presented in a scientific way with expirements having been carried out etc. Right. No. The hypocricy of people giving SUV drivers a hard time for "wasting" fuel.
  12. Fred: Yes they are john. You coming out on your 4 wheeler this weekend? John:Of course I am Fred. You coming with me to watch the indie500?[/b] Fred:Yep. How was wakebaording last weekend? John:Great we wakeboarded all day long. Fred: Why is it SUV drivers are wastefull again? John:Oh..it's because the vehicles they drive require more gas to run on than my hybrid. We might both travel the same distance but the SUV driver has burned near twice as much gas as I have...thus being wastefull Fred:Why do they drive such big cars John? Just to be wastefull? or is it..........just................just.................just............ John ..Just because they want to Fred and can afford to. Therfore we must hate them for it. It is because of them that we have deal with global warming etc. Why do you think Fred and John go 4 wheeling and wakeboarding or enjoy watching the indie500? Could it be because they want to and can afford to? Hypocricy=False pretension to personal qualities or principles not actually possessed. http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/showthread.php?t=16887
  13. I don't care if I'm a strawman, an ironman, a witch, or even the wizard of Oz himself. It is wrong for someone to protest people driving SUVs and then go and support their favorite nascar racer or sit on an airplane full or not. That is hypocricy. Really, if you can't see the simple logic in that being wrong, I guess you just missing the point as you are too caught up in trying to bash SUV drivers yourself. That's how I feel.
  14. I was actually just asking about rocket and airplane emissions. I gave a quick reason why, but I was not, in fact, asking for your opinions of my arguement, if you want to be so pedantic about it. To waste fuel for entertainment is OK, but to waste fuel because you want to drive a big giant truck/ SUV is not? I had a nice big SUV, and was quite entertained while I was driving it. So, "why not protest at a nascar race?" is still a valid arguement. Whether or not you drive your SUV off-road has nothing to do with the arguement. Nascars and F1 cars drive on the road too. Oh Oh but you can't travel to work and back or to the shops and back as well at the same time as enjoying yourself in your vehicle? You must only drive a yugo for these tasks, but at the weekend you are welcome to rag around in a V12 whatever?
  15. Another example would be why not protest at go-kart track, a nascar track (well I know why you wouldn't protest there), a F1 track, a motorcross track, a speed boat race, a fishing contest, the list is endless. If it truely is about waste, picking on SUV drivers is hypocricy. Wakeboarding?
  16. To put an end to you all judging me. I have not stated my opinion on SUVs. I believe they are wastefull. It is pretty obvious. As for the dividing mpg per passenger, what about private jets? Or even huge private motor yachts? These people can afford to pour fossil fuels down the drain. No one is picking on these people. That is my problem. I know it has bee explained to me that it's easier to make an SUV engine more econimc. Part of what makes an SUV an SUV in the first place is the power they have.
  17. So, if my SUV was the size of a 747 and was propelled by jet engines, environmentalists wouldn't have a problem with me as long as I had a certain amount of people on board when travelling?
  18. People who protest SUVs are protesting because they are unhappy with someone driving around in a car with such a big engine buring up fossil fuels and/or polluting the atmosphere contributing to global warming etc. To pick on one demographic from a huge spectrum of fossil fuel users is hypocricy. And to go jump on a plane and fly to some vacation destination after protesting that SUVs use too much fuel is hypocricy.
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