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  1. There is no one answer to this question. If by 'intelligence' we mean the ability to solve problems efficiently, then the most intelligent animal will have to be judged by its particular environment, and how well it adapts to changes within that environment.
  2. If you have a strong grounding in how evolution works, please highlight some specific points you think I am wrong. If one has or has not a strong grounding in something is irrelevant. What is relevant is to assess the value of what one is actually claiming. I look forward to it. I also appreciate your effort to avoid using insulting remarks as these are not really necessary.
  3. Ah! Evidence. But this is speculation. Anyway, here are two peer-reviewed academic papers I published. The first explains how a thriving internet presence may extend your own longevity (not your offspring's, the whole point is that there won't be any offspring). The second paper is about how hyper-connectivity may lead to substantially longer life (not through mutations- it takes too long to rely on mutations). http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/cplx.21626/abstract (some free text is available here:http://arxiv.org/abs/1402.6910) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24852017 (full text available free here: https://www.academia.edu/3748542/Reversal_of_information_entropy_and_acquisition_of_germ-line_immortality_by_somatic_cells) If you have only time to read just the abstracts, you will get the general point of the concepts.
  4. Then you haven't understood the concept. I am not talking about surviving within the internet (I am not even sure what that means). I am observing that, as humans integrate more with technology, digital communication and meaningful information-sharing, our evolutionary priorities change in order to help us adapt to this new environment. From here, I am speculating that this evolutionary changes *must* be beneficial to us, and if this is the case, then it would also be beneficial if we intentionally accelerate this process.
  5. Have you looked into pheromones as a trigger?
  6. Obviously. And running as a physical exercise is good for fitness, but if you have two broken legs is not beneficial. And eating salad is good for your health but it will kill you if you are severely allergic to the ingredients. There is nothing in life that is a suitable 'one-size fits all' proposition. We can only talk in general terms and not pay too much attention to trivial exceptions.
  7. Using a consistent online username, or even better, using your own real-life name across all platforms may play a part in improving your health. That is why I have decided to change my previous username from Mrs Zeta to my real name, Marios Kyriazis. Below is a posting I wrote some months ago about this issue, and I can provide full peer-review references if anyone wants to discuss this: Online anonymity, privacy and longevity (Or: Relinquish your privacy if you want to live longer) At first, it may appear strange to suggest that living longer has something to do with using pseudonyms online. However, it is true. I am suggesting that people who are well known online, those who are hyper-connected, and those who facilitate others to have access to relevant and meaningful information, are more likely to live longer. It works like this: Humans are continually evolving and adapting to their environment. Our current environment is one of technology, digital communication, intense information-sharing and hyper-connection. Within this society we are exposed to vast amounts of both trivial and relevant information, which reaches our brain and may alter our basic biology causing a series of beneficial cellular and molecular changes which promote healthy lifespan. Looking at this from a different perspective, it is known that agents which are useful to the collective are retained longer within the system. This can be true of any agent (i.e. any autonomous actor) such as a computer node, a human neuron, or an entire human. In this case, humans are digitally connected to other humans within a higher entity called the Global Brain. The more well-connected you are, and the more useful you are to the evolution of the Global Brain, the more likely it is that you will be retained by the system, i.e. you will live longer within this system. It follows, that in order for this to happen you need to be hyper-connected and share meaningful and insightful information. First, in order to hyper-connect you need to: · Develop a strong social media base, in diverse forums · Stay continually visible online · Be respected and valued in the virtual environment · Increase the number of your connections both in virtual and in real terms. · Increase the unity of your connections by using only one (user)name for all environments and across all platforms. Second, in order to facilitate the flow of meaningful information you need to: · Avoid spending too much time in trivial use of internet platforms · Share your thoughts with your peers · Create and share meaningful information that requires action · Don’t worry too much about privacy As we develop more technologies and become increasingly more involved with them, our society and culture will change, and this will have a direct impact upon our biology. It is inevitable that this will eventually lead to an increasing lifespan, in order to accommodate basic evolutionary principles. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20140711125114-59182278-online-anonymity-privacy-and-longevity?trk=prof-post
  8. The initiative is not a (deliberate) hoax but it is based on some strange assumptions. It is one thing to talk about eliminating mortality as a function of age (eliminating ageing as a process) and another to aim for immortality. Even if we somehow eliminate ageing as a cause of death, people will still die from any other cause such as infections, explosions, cancer, accidents etc etc.
  9. There is the search for short-term gratification (what most people call 'pleasure') and then there is the long-term variant which stems from setting long-term goals and trying to achieve them. In other words, it is the journey that matters, and not the arrival at your destination. I find the second option much more fulfilling.
  10. I had a similar problem and had to open a new account. I was unable to change my username. Please feel free to delete or suspend my previous account.
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