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  1. I checked wikipedia, couldn't find it. The part about the astronaut going on the outside of the Russian craft I'm not 100% sure of, but I seem to vividly remember us launching a craft that was supposed to deliver someone to the Russian craft to fix it. Apparently it wasn't a case where something vital had failed and they needed help right away, but something needed to be fixed sometime or it wouldn't be able to continue.
  2. I seem to strongly remember when a Russian spacecraft was in deep trouble and a US spacecraft came right next to it and a US astronaut came out and fixed something vital on the Russian ship. I also seem to remember that the Russian craft was known to be in troube and a US craft was sent up specifically to rescue it, among other things. It was treated with great hoopla at the time, but I seem to be unable to find exactly when it happened on internet search engines. I seem to remember the Russian craft as being old and antiquated, so maybe it was Mir. Any help would be appreciated.
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