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  1. Thanks very much for the reply. So if I understand correctly what makes someone have a higher iq is more the structure of the brain than the size? That makes sense but on the other hand wouldnt a bigger brain contain more neurons? Is that important for increasing iq? I also read on wiki there is a moderate correlation between size and intelligence. I tried to find imformation about the brain sizes of famous geniuses. Einstein had a smaller than avearge brain but a different structure. Gauss had an average sized brain. I couldn't find much about others. I don't know a lot about neauroscience or how the brain works at all so please pardon my ignorance.
  2. If someone has a bigger skull they then have the potential to have a bigger brain and i would like to know how important this is for genius iq. I saw a video on youtube about this guy called Christopher Langan who claims to have the highest iq in America, he also mentions he has a very large head (6 standard deviations above normal) and speculates this could be related to his high iq. It made me wonder is it required to have a large head size to be a genius or is the way the brain wired more important? Are there any examples of famous genius and their head / brain sizes?
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