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  1. goldwing I like your hobbies and interests description, my video has all the animals you've listed and I keep shrimp too! It's currently on the front page under coral growth vessels just a heads up

  2. I would believe the video but the "chi power" doesn't work on others besides on his own students
  3. Is it real or fake cause I found a video. check it out and tell me cause I think its fake.
  4. Seems pretty believable. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPQuNjx4SFc&feature=channel_page nevermind. They proved that he is fake.
  5. If it is fake then why does everyone believe that the researchers actually found something? They could have recored their voice and said it was a ghost
  6. I believe that they are fake and it is a bunch of bs. But I saw on the discovery channel a lot of ghosts story. Are these stories just made up for viewers? Well, there is a new movie the haunting is CT. http://movies.yahoo.com/news/movies.ap.org/horror-film-draws-unwanted-visitors-conn-house-ap Ed and Lorraine Warren, the researchers became famous for their discovery. People actually believe this?
  7. Are the people in this video paied to lie?
  8. psychokinesis real or fake? I researched and found many undefinite answers. Can someone set me straight. Heres a video of it on the news http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Tj5M9sxZqM I personally think it is fake.
  9. I want to know how to increase the speed response of time and have higher abstract reasoning. Can reading an ample amount of material give you higher abstract reasoning because you would have more knowledege?
  10. Not in knowledege because you can just read a lot, but speed.
  11. Is this a myth or fact. If it is a fact can you put a list, what music goes with which personality
  12. well I plan on being a vet and I love biology. I have many plants, fish, a turtle, and shrimp. The problem is that a large amount of people do the same that I do. Like you said I guess it will take a while if I do something great in this field.
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