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  1. No Joigus, I didn't chip any of it off as I am a novice and would not know what to do. You have all started me off here, so I have a lot of reading to do around this. Thanks, keep well. Alan
  2. Thank you Studiot, I will remember that next time. Keep well Alan Silly of me, what are the brown veins please? And the "basic" grey? The length of this one is about 90 mm. Alan
  3. Hello All I found this in a London garden I don't know if it came from here or not, Grey with white/beige and brown. What are the elements/compounds here please? Regards
  4. Good morning Strange, thanks for replying. I mentioned face powder in my "list" because I imagined the stuff being continually rubbed in over the years would be absorbed into the skin and wondered what the body would do with it. Regards Alan
  5. Hello all, what does the body do with ingested substances that are not supposed to be there, eg soap, chlorine from swimming pools, lipstick and face powder and all other such foreign stuff? Regards
  6. Remember me everyone, I am the one that started this thread and I seem to have started a forum punch up in the process. You are quite right Jim, original question was regarding a simple circuit using a battery and some resistors, it seems to have gone off in all directions, making me smile this is. Thank you for the circuit diagram, I am not a scientist, my education if that is what you call it was a short electronics course then books. I have put this circuit together before but I do not think it demonstrates how say the same voltage input can give high or lower amps. Has anyone got one? By the way from a non scientist, I think Ohms law matters in this question, I am prepared to stand corrected. Are you all having a good Easter? Carry on bickering. Was it you Studiot who said that I should get hold of a bunch of cheap (on/off) switches and some old fashioned filament light bulbs? I thought that filament light bulbs changed their resistance (impedance?) according to the voltage that was put through them, in which case would it be useful in my question? Now it is ME who is changing the subject. Best Alan
  7. How are we doing? Wowee you have both given me a lot to research into. I shall be reading around this all over the weekend. Have a lovely Easter both of you.
  8. Good morning. I am trying to understand this so could a kind someone show me a simple circuit where I could use say a 1.5 and a 9 volt battery to explain the principle of high and low voltage against big and little amps. Not to tecky please, I have a multimeter, some leds, resistors and a few other bits and pieces. Regards
  9. Thank you all, Studiot, so nice of you to remember me. Your posts were a good read and encouraging to research more. A belated Happy New Year to you all.
  10. Hello I hope this is the right forum, apologies if not. Just a novice and reading about safety, circuits, short circuit, current etc and The Earth is often mentioned. What has the Earth got to do with it? Hope to hear from you.
  11. Thanks everyone, additives are worrying me a bit now, water upside down seems good. Merry Christmas to all. Best Alan
  12. Hello all Probably the wrong type of thread, sorry did not know where to put it. I wanted to know if I could clean my remotes safely with Nail polish remover and whether it conducted electricity or not. Being a bit sad, I connected a battery and bulb with a small amount of nail polish remover in the circuit, yet it would not conduct electricity. Does this mean that if some got into the remote, it could ruin it? It is Ethyl Acetate, although it says that Aqua is in it as well. Alan
  13. Good Morning Studiot, I am on the case! I would like to thank you for your help. We live in a world of busy people, thanks for your kindness. Best regards Alan
  14. It seems Studiot, that many people are not happy with Logitech. I understand your doubt now as to the voltage as someone in Maplin said that 16 volts was unusual. Anyway, I have the Logitech Speaker System Z320 (two of them, they are a "table top" type). The power supply is also Logitech ModelEFso180600112CE. 16v, 1.12 Amp DC. The sound was lovely, I wold like to get them working again. Incidentally, I note that they were made in China. I bought them from John Lewis so am not worried but there was a tv programme, Panorama I think that showed the dangers of some on line electronic stuff, coming from China, elsewhere I think, that blew up or caught fire which is why I am rather "funny" about buying on line. Trust all is well with you, Best Alan
  15. Shame I didn't notice, thanks. Alan
  16. Hello all thanks so much for your replies. Sensei the power was off when I used the ohm meter. Acme, thank you for the link a good one, makes it clear that the device TAKES/PULLS amps from the supply, rather than the supply pushing it in. Studiot, the Logitech power supply is definitely rated 16v 1.12 amps I have also checked on line. Thanks so much for the warning, I knew about the danger of a voltage setting within in a circuit but did not think of this. I am wiser now. The other part of my original question, are the so called "universal" power supply/adapters ok in your opinions? Best to all Alan (ohdearme)
  17. Hello all I have put my ohmmeter across the output of the adaptor of a small pair of Logitech speakers. The adaptor has an output of 16 volts and 1.2 amps. The reading just moves about haphazardly. Would this be something to do with the magnetic action of the transformer or am I not doing this properly? More to the point, I wish to buy a replacement (as it is kaput) and I fancy a "universal" one. How important is the output and how far can I stray from the manufacturers requirement? Say, If I have a speakers with an adaptor of 16 volts, what kind of percentage of milliamps up or down would make a difference and how would I judge which setting? I would not like to blast my speakers into oblivion by setting it say 50% higher than the speakers can handle. Regards Alan
  18. Thank you Studiot, and for the links as I live near the Silkstream in Edgware and the Rive Brent in Hendon. I took this in Limehouse Basin, Mile End, London. A weir next to a canal lock. I cannot keep watch 24 hours a day but it seems to flow and then not. What is going on here please. Best Alan
  19. Thank you Studiot and Acme for helping me get my pic on here. Along the Grand Union Canal in Hanwell near where the River Brent comes into it, I saw this structure. I have no idea what it's purpose is, surely not just for getting water to a lower level as it appears. What is it for please? Best Alan
  20. sorry to trouble you, I want to get a jpeg onto this topic as I have another question. Copy and paste does not work. what to do please? Alan
  21. Cleared up and raises more questions for me, just how it should be, thank you
  22. Hello. What does a home radiator on gas central heating give out please? I saw somewhere infra red but the word radiator confuses me as you can buy convection heaters/radiators. Regards
  23. Thank you so much everybody, the pics are a bonus too. Best Alan
  24. Hello, I love the friendly atmosphere around a lock and please help with three questions: Why do locks have angled gates? Someone said that the water pressure helps to close them. Is this right? Why do you see water pouring through closed gates? Is that just a leak? I was at the beautiful Thames at Goring and wonder why the boats cannot just use the wider part of the River? You see I need some education. Best regards Alan
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