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  1. What if the earth stops moving? Nothing would happen. may be the entire universe would be moving around another "thing". We see the value/length of a second as a day have 86,400 of same in it. but what will happen on a scenario when a change of speed of the earth rotation process. Nothing would happen but the measurements of time also should change accordingly. TIME... It may not just moving but we used to think it is because of time. Some times there might no such thing as gravity! The thought of "Gravity" occurs when a particle moves with time towards something, the relativity to other particles and other particles how sees it. Everything depends on time. light is another example for speed. And there should be thousands of other things out there which have various varieties. traveling speed is only one quality of the light we see.. but it may not be the fastest and visible. More questions to think... Even more answers to find!!! YET
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