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  1. I am a mother and my 2 boys are now in high school. I do not have a formal background in science. I have a background in Co-creative science, introduced to me in 1992 by Machaelle Wright (books - Behaving As If The God In All Life Mattered, Co-creative Science, MAP, and Microbial Balancing Program) . Again, sometime in the early 90's I was introduced to a man talking about a product that I think I can make. I have been re-introduced to him in 2011 and I can't get it out of my mind. It has to do with gold and silver. When either gold or silver is dissolved and heated in certain ways, it produces an element that has superconductive properties. The man who discovered them named them ORBITALLY REARRANGED MONO-ATOMIC ELEMENTS - or ORMES. I have read 100's of alchemical texts over the past 3 years on this element, and I have come to understand what it does and the implications it will have on humanity. I have not gone the next step, which would be to have a small little chemistry lab at home in order to produce this element for further research. Would you recommend a small kitchen type chemistry lab at home? Is it safe? If I do this, should I tell my insurance company? I would not need any high-tech appliances, all I would need is a few retorts, flasks a water bath and some chemicals to do this experiment. I already have gold and silver. This is a 2 hour video on his patented process and what it does:
  2. Ok - or would it not be a rotating magnetic field? I just said rotating magnetic field because that is what makes sense to me (I do not have a degree in Science). Background - When I rotate my head at a speed as fast as I can rotate it, for approx 1 min or 30 sec - I really "heat up". I begin to sweat all over. I then just "meditate" for about 5 min or so after. If I open my eyes, then I tend to feel sick, but if I keep my eyes closed I am fine - just extremely "hot". The energy I produce when I do this seems to radiate off me. I almost feel that if I were stuck on a snow capped Swiss mountain that I could survive by rotating my head approx every 30 min while I wait for the rescue team. Does someone know what am I experiencing? Do you think that there are any superconductive metals and/or material in the body that may help to explain this?
  3. Like a dancer that is spinning very fast, if there are other variables or a certain particle within the body, would it be possible? And if so, then what would that particle inside the body be?
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