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  1. @ iNOW In biology, we learn that the "survival of the fittest" depends on how many offsprings they can pass on their genes too. Homosexuals can't pass there genes to anyone, and thus that provides a large hurdle in any gene theory of homosexuals but then again there are numerous genetic possibilities that would allow for homosexuality. I will only give one example of this: It might be possible that the homosexuality gene only works in a recessive way. Persons who are heterozygous for that gene, remain heterosexual and reproduce. Only when two heterozygous people for that gene, get children 1 in 4 of the children can be recessive and will thus develop homosexuality. This way that gene need NOT become extinct because it is being transmitted through the 'normal reproducing' heterozygotes but thats not the point since as u mentioned above, the fact that homosexuality is genetic is granted as a given in my question so theres no point in talking about whether it is or it is not genetic....what im having problems with is HOW could that be proven beneficial or "adaptive" in terms of genetic fitness...i thought n did some research but still wasnt able to come up with any solid reasons to prove that.
  2. According to some scientists homosexuality is heritable. In other words, the tendency to prefer your own gender to the opposite in mate choice is influenced by genetic factors. This is a controversial topic for many reasons but for the sake of argument let us consider the possibility that it is true. Explain why heritable homosexuality poses a problem from an evolutionary viewpoint and what are some possible explanations as to how homosexuality could be adaptive.
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