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  1. I want to build simple BFO metal dedector whit 2 coils so do I wrap bouth coils in Al or not?
  2. Should I remove clean master from my phone I have android and Im pleased how it works and cleans,but I read that when it cleans RAM memoru that mobile instantly recovers it do apps in background and that way it confoses the phone and it works slower.So should I remowe it or keap it do cleaning?Does someone know for shure to tell me? P.S sorry about my english P.S2 Sorry I have to poste here didnt know where and androids are like smaler and less powerfull comps.
  3. well I had ZenMate and someone delited it from chrome.,,Well ok I thout Im just gona add it again no ptoblem'' but when I tryed to add it again it says network failed even thou it hasnt.Any advise?I have google chrome and I was always adding it from chrom shop. I know he spies my comp but I dont have any personal or useful data.
  4. yes.Its just a link to chanal on youtube.
  5. here is one good youtube chanal whit lot of fun expiriments that you can do at home (not all ofcourse) link removed enjoy
  6. nono I want too uninstai it but it shows for update click yes he does update I click no it stops uninstaling
  7. I have java 8 update 25 and I dont need it that much was only to asces something.So here is the problem when I try to remove it says preparing to remove and it sudenly showes some window asking me something to update software and I dont want to update it I want to remowe it.Does anyone knows how?
  8. yea I have low RAM I had win xp and it worked fine but I lost all drivers.Someone know some site to download drivers for xp?
  9. Well I have a problem whit internet conection.When Im on the internet my pc always disconets and conets to modem and have every time to refresf the page to continue, and its inposible to watch a movie on this pc.Any idea for fixing it? processor : AMD Athlon 64 processor 3200+ 2.00 GHz RAM memory : 512 MB type : 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate Network adapter : Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Modem : Scientific-Atlante WebSTAR 2000 series Cable Modem
  10. well I was using AVG and its pretty good when some virus comes he asks you to delete infected file or not.It is good you can download the free version or have a 1 mounth free trial which is better.
  11. well if you are boared and have a lot of stuff you can go to this chanel and try to recreate some of expirements http://www.youtube.com/user/CrazyRussianHacker do not try this at home and if oyu do have a freind or family if something goes wrong
  12. well I dont know much but gona tell you what I know.You can travel in future by traveling close to speed of light so your time is going slower than somebody that isn traveling at all and you will age more slower,or you can be close to intense gravitacion feald exp.black hole in black hole time slows down to pointh that there is no time but if you sircle around the hole but dont get suck in time will again be slower to you then someone that stay on earth .And about the specific time in future you can callculite by using simple math P.S. sorry about my english dont know to spell.
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