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  1. No, No head trauma lately. If it was conjuntivitus, Wouldnt it itch and burn?
  2. I wear contacts, He doesnt. And no, Im just a drinker, Not a smoker. Its just odd that 2 of us within a 3 week period would display the same thing, One of us twice. No real funny moments that I can recall either.
  3. Wondering if any of you might know whats up with me and my roommates eyes. In the past 3 weeks, we've both had very bloodshot eyes, Him twice. Its not pink eye. Theres no itching, no pain or any discomfort, Just extreme bloody eyes. Not really bloodshot, But what appears to be actual trauma to the eyes of blood pooling in the corners of blood. After a few days it clears up. Any ideas?
  4. I think he's an idiot. Ill use the same arguement that pro gay marriage folk used in my blog discussion on the subject. Gay marriage/ say the pledge, Doesnt hurt you, doesnt hurt me, doesnt change anything in your life. So why bitch and moan about it? I agree with John 5726. The one thing people seem to forget, Is that America is a predominantly Christian nation. Just as Isreal is a Jewish nation. If I moved to Isreal and started bitching and whining that there were Star Of Davids everywhere that offened me, They would look at me like Im an idiot.IMO, I would be wrong for trying to impose my C
  5. Braddock

    Homosexual Gene?

    Heres my 2 cents. You've all touched on pretty much every facet of the gay issue. But all the rhetoric aside, It boils down to the fact that its a desire and whether or not its wrong or right. Are criminals born? To a certain extent I would say yes. Or for better terms, Born with a predisposition to display deviant behavior. But, As a society, We have decided what is acceptable and what is not and have layed down laws which we hope will control these devient actions. Sometimes I wanna kick my buddies ass because he smoked in my house after Ive asked him 30 billion times not to. But I refrain f
  6. Sorry about the vagueness of the thread title, But Ive got an ongoing disagreement with a friend that I need settled. I cant find one dang thing on the web concerning it, Except a brief mention in a university study. It was both vague and ambiguous. Do people of African descent, Blacks, Have an extra tendon in their leg? My friend seems to think so. I emphatically say NO!! Ive read about some people having more developed muscles or parts of their body than others, But for one race to have an altogether extra muscle is silly, to me. IF you know of any links that address this matter, Could y
  7. Ive had many a debate with friends about athletic abilty being inherited and not learned, or gained through practice. Is there a gene, or group of genes that can be passed on by parents that will make a child be more predesposed to have raw athletic ability? My friend argued that had I grown up with him and participated in the same sports activities that he did, That I would be just as athletic as he. I argued NO, I wouldnt be. Yes I would be more athletic than I am now, But not near the atlete he was and is. I say that some folks have more of a tendancy to exibit athletic prowess than others,
  8. Since blonde hair and blue eyes result from 2 recessive genes, Is it correct to assume that a blonde hair/blue eyed mother and father can only produce blonde hair/blue eyed children? Since they both have 2 recessive genes to offer for each trait , Wouldnt all of their offspring all have the 2 recessive genes, Thereby all being blonde hair and blue eyed?
  9. Thanx, I knew it was something similar to that. What a cool site Ive found. Ill have to check in each day for interesting topics.
  10. OK, This question probably has an easy answer, But it escapes me. Someone asked me this recently and I couldnt come up with a convincing answer. Why is it, That on a cold day, Say 20 degrees, Clear skies, That while in your car you can feel the heat of the sun on your face, Yet the window is very cold?
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