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  1. As you wish. I have added your email contacts to my "Ignore" list..do as you want, I have no time left for "forums" of anykind.
  2. Really? A spoiled child. Well..we certainly don't need that. Tell you what..let the powers that be simply delete my account here. Won't that be MUCH easier? Stomping? Is that what you brits term being "called" on something? My credentials are easily available in the min. of the Royal Society, the rolls of the AGU, and the UCS. But..why should this board be forced to tolerate a "spoiled child." So long..I just do not have the time.
  3. Really?? Pray tell me then, where did you recieve your degree(s)? I really, really do not have time for this type of exchange. I am far too busy writing the type of books that people like you most likely refer to. Do me a favor? Do not bother responding..I just don't care that much about what you think you know and what you don't, ok? Life is far to breif to entertain pointless exchanges with lesser minds. "Back off?" Give me a break. If you feel you cannot engage in a civil debate, why should I bother to waste this forums, and what is infinately more valuable, MY time? Have fun with your digs... and grow up.
  4. So that's isotopic dating huh? Where did you read that? It has absolutely NOTHING to do with dating whatsoever. This is the old "Creationists" arhument that fell apart in the 1960's. Now to see it here?
  5. Good question. About 120,000 of my own dough, and the McAurthur Foundation scholarship, 3rd place in the Seimens, and about a dozen or so other smaller scholarships. Total is around: 270,000 +/-
  6. DocBill


    Actually this is a Greek thing. The Puritans used to have a practice they referred to as "Swimming a witch." Any person (ussually a young, unmarried and attractive woman) would be tied and dragged across a pond. If she was still alive, that proved that she was a "witch" as apparentlly they can breathe underwater. If they drowned..oh well, at least they knew.
  7. Read Einstien. It all depends-- ALL--on the observer.
  8. DocBill


    Well, if we do the genetic math, accounting for one new baby pleisiasour every year, and one death (so to maintain a steady population), the beginning stock of at least 24 adults to maintain genetic congruity. Besides, they slept on land to avoing Liopluodon. So if we found one dead on land... It looks a lot like the cargas of either a basking shark or a Northern Right Wale to me.
  9. DocBill


    You wanna really keep demons away. Spit on those you love. That's right. It keeps the devil away. Apparently, old "bi-fircated tail" is alergic to human saliva!
  10. 43, polymath, goof off. Bill
  11. Get a copy of "Just Smoke and Mirrors" that should take care of any questions you have.
  12. Babies can swallow WHILE they breathe. For a real explanation of this, look into the Aquatic Ape Theory by Alistar Hardy; and Borcca's Brain by Carl Sagan. Bill
  13. They are, for the most part. And is it easy to see where, when and why that changed. I have already had two publishers "nibble" so I don't think selling the ms will be an issue. I just don't want to rush it out. This will be a big deal..IF it is done right.
  14. I did. Second year of Cog Pscych. Anywho, the volition of education for it's own sake helps explain why I am still a student. Now if only my wife would buy that..........
  15. Obtain a copy of "The Art of War" (Sun Tzu) and "The Prince" (Niccolo Machiavelli). If there is not 15 pages of INTRO on war to be gleaned from this...then I can't help you other than to recomend you to ask your folks to please remove you from public school ASAP. Good luck; Bill
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