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    Electroactive polymes.A type of material that reacts upon an electric current goes through So, planning on doing an EAP refreshable board for the school science fair.the purpose is to help the blind. How much does it cost,because most people who are visually impaired are the poor (WHO data) I would be grateful if anyone has any theory on creating a book reader for the blind
  2. I read some articles about Doppler effect today and found them very helpful.But, except for just recognizing if the object is moving away or toward us, can we identify the direction (as vector) of the moving object
  3. Working on a device about traffic safety.This device will check whenther what vehicles are in your range, measuring its speed and warn if its gonna collide with you or not. So , what are the alogarithms to check if its gonna collide.I thought up one is that you predict where the car will go to if it keeps moving that way with the constant speed, check yours and then see if 2 lines intersect ( within like, 1km, 1 mile, or sth like that), calculate the time it needs to get to that point=> If you get there in x (measure in miliseconds) and it also gets there in near x miliseconds->Collide Also , there will be a camera taking picture at 1/1000 secs to warn you collision=> helps you to dodge So, I wanna ask what sensors you need and any alogarithms ?
  4. So I'm working on a science project for my school fair, which is about traffic safety. In the picture, my vehicle is the yellow one.The other colors are just for identification. The device will search for vehicles in your range ( this will be set), measuring its speed and predict whether its gonna collide or not So, I would like to ask what sensors do I need and how to program them
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