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  1. I have recently bought several Amscope microscopes, including two of the T690 series: one includes phase contrast. I have been very pleased with their performance (as well as a low-powered microscope of theirs). I don't know where they come from. They say the use the same assembly lines in China as the better-known brands, and it could be true for all I know. The question that comes to mind is this: will I be able to get them serviced a few years down the road? I don't know how long Amscope has been in business. I also was curious to see how the Amscopes compared with the older Nikon and Olympus microscopes. I bought a Nikon Alphaphot and an Olympus BH on eBay for about $250 each; they were quite clean (the Nikon looked like it had never been used) but they needed some professional cleaning and maintianance, averaging another $100 each. They both good microscopes, and I'll keep at least one around as an extra, but the new Amscope microscopes are much better: better made, better optics, newer designs. (Does anyone want a 35-year-old Nikon or Olympus? They're for sale.)
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