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  1. Oh youre the moderator. Can you delete the thread? Im sorry if i bugged people
  2. Im thinking about living in a place called guanajuato soon (a beatiful touristic place in mexico with old towers and such that look like candies for some reason) and imma probably put mx on the site like how people put .uk I dont think itll be that famous and there will be moderation, but not spying on people
  3. Its because this website is from the united kingdom Im latin I believe in freedom of speech I also dont really believe in moderators Im going to make a website where freedom of speech is allowed
  4. Perhaps it is me, perhaps it isnt, but me being smart helped me realize that in order for me to be healthy and get 9 hours of sleep, i had to do excersice and stop taking those heavy seeping pills. It made my heart start working corectly again, because the pills made me have palpitaions or something. I think there also isnt a lot of study done on sleep science, or at least i didnt know anything until i started getting some heavy sleeping poblems.
  5. thanks, you guys all gave some intelligent answers. Hopefully i can get along with you guys in the future. Im assuming you guys told me that i could cuss so long as its with extremem moderation or something like that? That's cool thanks. Its exactly my style. This isnt as important, but in spanish, men use many cuss words. In english i try hard not to. But then again, latin americans have no governments or have really done anything productive in my opinion. So in spanish, guys cuss a lot. Theyre all like "whats up fool" but in spanish. Theyre always cussing. They always say wey, which is more like a cuss word. Its like callig someone fool. I always say wey. Im like wey mira "dude look." But then again latin americans have no proper governments
  6. How come they and other heavy sleeping pills dont work and actually harm you? I swear, there is little to no help in society
  7. Can you even cuss on this site. Btw, im a visionary and im smart
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