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  1. I was wondering how most people manage to support themselves through schooling that is as long as physics. I do not come from money at all, so my parents won;t help at all wih paying for schooling or housing. SO I wanna know how people manage to pay for such a long education process.
  2. I know I want to go to school for Astronomy Or possinly Cosmology, but the schooling for both a couple of years. and I am getting near the end of high school so I have time to plan/think about what to dop but me nore my family are in great money situations. So I was wondering what people typically do to get through many years of schooling in this kind of situation.
  3. First off I am home schooled so don't bother saying I should focus on my current school work before I decide to jump in because I have tons of free time. Now, I am 15 years old and want to get more into Physics then I currently am. I would eventually like to end up studying Quantum Mechanics or Astrophysics, Yes these things are far off but the earlier I start the more likely I am to be better at it and find out sooner if I will like this for a long time. Thanks
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