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  1. @joe_pickrell This guy who cried always for no reasons had a mother. Had because his mother commited suicide some years ago! Interesting!

  2. I also believe pedophilia is highly inborn and not curable by psychotherapie. So pedophile people who abused children should be isolated for the entire life. Pedophile people who didn't abuse children should look for help and should let castrate. Pedophilia may have other unknown biological causes than homosexuality. There are heterosexual pedophile men but also homosexual pedophile men! Two homosexual adults do not harm anyone when they love each other. Pedophila is much less common than homosexuality. Pedophile may be caused by rare mutations or unknow polygenetic interaction which lead to such kind of a brain. Did you hear about those monocygotic male twins who were both pedophile? An there was a second case of two monocygotic male twins who have abused children! Very likely in pedophile brain something neurobiologically is wong. I one asked in yahoo answer something about homosexuality and a biology teacher answered me. She wrote in here lifetime she had seceral pupils who were homosexual and came to her for help. She also believe the major cause of homosexuality could be prenatal hormonal modification.
  3. Could homosexuality be explained with ''prenatal modification''? Let's say certain genes during embryogenesis are active in the brain and body which causes masculinisation, so different kind of hormon levels compared between different fetus during a critical time in the whomb could be explanation why some people are homosexual?
  4. Politicans generally, because they are only humans at the end. And humans are driven by primitive instincsts.
  5. I have never said a that. Haven't you read my posts? I d not believe their is true bisexuality in men. I don't believe there is any man in the world, who can get horny cause of both gender. Of course ''I believe'', otherwise I want to see the proof that there are bisexual men.
  6. Gay means to be sexually interested to the same sex. I'm gay but do not have interest to have an relationship with another man. Despite that, I don't get horny cause of women. The gay ram studies are the only studies of homosexuality in animals I believe to be well done. Also those differences in sexual dimorphic nuclei of gay rams compared to hetero rams is fascinating. It's not easy to do such studies with chimpansees or gorillas, because they often have sex just for fun and it doesn't mean they are really attracted to the same sex. I also could have sexual intercourse with women just for fun, but I don't get really horny!
  7. How many nucleotides are involved in the Splicing process. I mean: you have the exome sequence, then the exome sequences ends, how many nucleotides from the end of the exome(in the intron) you have to count as important for splicing? I talking about the splicing site. I read in a good germany scientific book, that splicing sites are 9 until 15 nucleotides long. Correct?
  8. I guess you are heterosexual man? I hardly believe you get attracted to men even once! I'm pretty sure you have never got a boner cause of another man and you will never get a boner cause of a man. So sexual orientation IS exclusive!
  9. Corruption is a problem in entire Italy not only in the south. It has to do with their mentality! It's how they are. My mother is from South Italy. The organized criminality do harm the economy in South Italy. There is no investor who wants to invest in a new waste incinerating plant, because they fear of the Camorra, that's why! The result is Napoli has a big waste problem. Of course if you would build a factory in Calabria, you would have workers who are missing at work a lot of time, but a bigger issue are the ’Ndrangheta! You have to pay to them that you can have there your factory. And from time to time they want to have more money from you, otherwise you get trouble with them. Mafia= cancer
  10. I'm talking about exclusiv homosexuality in animals! Correct! I do not get a boner when I see naked women or faces of women and this is exclusive homosexuality. I also observed that male homosexuality is very common in humans. If a rind only gets a boner when he is next to another rind and want to mate other rind and the same time shows ZERO sexual interests for other cows(female) this was exclusive homosexuality. I have never heard of such rinds. Male rats which are treaten with anti-androgens right after brith aren't able to get an erection later as adults when they stay next to other female rats! That's a kind of exclusive homosexuality. Why male homosexuality is so common in humans? Are there any medicaments used which causes that? Or has it to do because humans are able to influence their hormone levels psychologically? Let's say a mother changes their hormon levels in the blood only through thinking during pregnancy. In humans adrenal hormon levels are highly influenced psychologically. the fetus is affected!
  11. Why there isn't realy homosexuality found in the animal world while in human homosexuality clearly exist. I don't understand that. Gorillas and chimpansees are genetic most similar to humans. But clear homosexuality is not seen by them. Only in sheep this is seen. In sheep 7 % to 8% of male sheep had clearly only sexual interests for other males and zero interest for ewes.
  12. They say gay animal do exist. Well, this means there are male animals who are 100% attracted to other males and show no sexual interest for females. Ok, but when we look at gorillas or chimpansees male homosexuality is not seen realy. When you talk about gay chimpansees, we are talking about a chimpansee which only wants to have sexual intercourse with other males. But there aren't such chimpansees. I have never heard about a gay brown bear! I saw in CNN about a gay Pinguin couple. But this gay Pinguin couple break up and find later other females for procreating and child parenting. So I would be a little bit careful when you talk about ''gay Pinguins''!
  13. Scotland should vote yes. Their GDP per capita is higher than an person living in England.
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