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  1. Cleverbot is very clever. http://gyazo.com/ef30dec593e7f0ef0a5a026f353592ca
  2. Justice is circumstantial to the parties involved. I don't believe in a clear cut form of justice, because justice is a general term for the punishing a law breaker. How we punish them is completely up for interpretation to all parties.
  3. It is worthwhile when it doesn't cost a million times more to create the antimatter, money and energy-wise with some exaggeration. Until then, not worth it in my own opinion.
  4. As many have already pointed out, it would no longer be bouncing particles as they get slower. But the mass doesn't just disappear! I believe at that point it is converted into another type of energy (not sure!). That is what is expected, although many scientists believe that it is impossible to achieve. I believe they have on got to 0.1 nanokelvin.
  5. It could have possibly damaged the power supply, I suggest getting it accessed and fixed at a computer component store or a local computer shop. Good luck.
  6. The party is not the government, it is the white population, in my opinion. It's not just that certain racist police officials are taking advantage of their power, but normal citizens who are white discriminate just as much. Sure, these officials on the government payroll is a problem, but in the overall view I would say that it is overall racism by a certain percentage of the white population. Now that police are getting involved in more (there was another recent shooting a of a black man, 6 shots in the back while he was running away. It was not Ferguson), and they are not being confronted e
  7. Here we have the same sort of local/state gov't where we as the people can veto if certain things get built, such as large casinos here in Massachusetts. Certain cities have vetoed it while so have accepted and voted yes. The rest that you have said, are devised by the fed/state/local governments and we as the people don't have the influence that we should. I would much rather live in Switzerland due to the democracy that your country upholds. Although, on the status of Obamacare there is only a fuss because of ignorant politicians and conservatives. Overall, it has helped millions but has scr
  8. I believe that you are generally born with mental illness. I don't believe violent video games create mental illness and subject some children to more violent tendencies. I think that they help escalate some people (adult and adolescent) to be more violent, or sociopath in your initial question, only if they have a prior condition.
  9. Hey guys, so a few days ago I registered for the CLEP Exam to exempt myself from taking the course. If I pass, I can go straight to Calculus I my first semester in college as a freshman. Unfortunately I have not taken Precalc in high school, but I did take Trig for a full year and AP Physics for half a year (I honestly became bored with Physics due to my teacher so I had to switch out). I have one more week until the test (next Wednesday), and I have a general list of things I need to study. If anyone has taken the CLEP exam or has any tips/hints/insight/etc that they could offer me I wou
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