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  1. As studies have shown, many homophobic men are secretly experiencing their own homosexual desires, and they attempt to hide it behind a wall of antipathy for gay men. Being a man who, at 18, expressed many homophobic opinions, it ought not surprise anyone that at 30 I came out as gay. Coinciding with my homophobic rants in my youth was the opinion that lesbians were hot, and me and my other friends routinely talked about the desire to have a sexual experiences with a couple of females; the idea of two guys and a girl was always castigated as "gay". The more I've learned about psychology and human sexuality, the more I've come to the conclusion that men, in particular, young men, use the fantasy of two lesbians in order to avoid the hidden fascination they have with other men. In short, they're projecting their own deep seated fears about sexuality onto women as a defensive mechanism.
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