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  2. As long as we abandon the assumption of constancy of light velocity, and accept the 2 type results, all experimental results accord with the classical theory now is very good
  3. Discussion on the ground state of the hydrogen atom, there is a different from the mainstream theory here. link deleted
  4. The above derived four field force (gravity, electric power, the weak force, strong force) expressions are not divergence
  5. Xiao Jun transform (7) has a strong group, he does not need to assume that the speed of u must be parallel with the axis, but can be an arbitrary angle with the axis
  6. All the conclusions I are derived by mathematics, a theoretical and experimental foundation strong, eager to the moderator to find the existing problems in the mathematical derivation.
  7. Equation (14) in the wavelength and frequency of two expressions that wrong? The following Cherenkov radiation can only be confirmed (8) holds, does not prove that (6) holds
  8. k'λ'=kλ= kλ[ (coshθ)^2 - (sinhθ)^2]=kλ[ (coshθ) + (sinhθ)][ (coshθ) - (sinhθ)]=k[ (coshθ) + (sinhθ)]λ[ (coshθ) - (sinhθ)]
  9. No matter what value of θ have(coshθ)^2 - (sinhθ)^2=1, the θ value is determined by (7)
  10. Because the required k'λ'=kλ, and (coshθ)^2 - (sinhθ)^2=1
  11. Electronic energy released no larger than the electron carries energy I don't know what you write, but according to some words to express my personal opinion, it may also produce some misunderstanding解
  12. The 17 type is the field force formula between two charged particles, this formula is suitable for the range from zero to infinity
  13. Calculated by this formula is the speed of light is not equivalent velocity, the speed of light
  14. If the source charge considering source movement of the magnetic field, the Maxwell field equations can be derived (2) type results
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