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  1. 1. Partnership : When two or more than two persons run a business jointly, they are called partners and the deal is known as partnership 2. Ratio of Division of Gains: (i)When investments of all the partners are for the same time, the gain or loss is distributed among the partners in the ratio of their investments. Suppose A and B invest Rs. x and Rs. y respectively for a year in a business, then at end of the year (A's share of profit) : (B's share of profit) = x:y (ii) When investments are for different time periods, then equivalent capitals are calculated for a unit of time by taking (capital x number of units of time).Now, gain or loss is divided in the ratio of these capitals. Suppose A invests Rs. x for p months and B invests Rs. y for q months, then (A's share of profit) : (B's share of profit) = px : qy 3. Working and Sleeping Partners: A partner who manages the business is known as a working partner and the one who simply invests the money is a sleeping partner I hope these concepts will be helpful for you to solve some of your math problems.
  2. Thank for your detailed explanation
  3. Thank you all for your replies and suggestions.
  4. What is a prime number A number is greater than 1 is called a prime number, if it has only two factors, namely 1 and the number itself. Prime numbers up to 100 are:2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 97 Procedure to find out the prime number Suppose A is given number. Step 1: Find a whole number nearly greater than the square root of A. K > square root(A) Step 2: Test whether A is divisible by any prime number less than K. If yes A is not a prime number. If not, A is prime number. Example: Find out whether 337 is a prime number or not? Step 1: 19 > square root (337) Prime numbers less than 19 are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17 Step 2: 337 is not divisible by any of them Therefore 337 is a prime number These are simple and easy tricks which are helpful to solve your math homework problems .
  5. Today I want to share what Is BODMAS Rule & How to use it? BODMAS rule decides the order of operations for add, subtract, multiply, divide, etc as below shown B-Brackets (do all operations contained in the brackets first) O-Orders (powers and square roots etc) D-Division M-Multiplication A-Addition S- Subtraction Lets see an example and check how BODMASS Rule works 30-(2*6+15/3) +8*3/6 Step1: Brackets 2*6+15/3 = 12+5 = 17 Step2: Division 30-17+8*1/2 Step3: Multiplication 30-17+4 Step 4: Addition and Subtraction 30-17+4=17 20+30-5/4*2+ (1+6) (5-6/4)+9*7 1-6*(2+9)/8 BODMAS Rule is very helpful in solving various algebra math problems.
  6. With this simple short cuts you can find out a number is divisible by a given number Divisible by 2: A number is divisible by 2, if its unit’s digit is any of 0, 2, 4, 6, 8. Example: 6798512 Divisible by 3: A number is divisible by 3, if sum of its digits divisible by 3. Example : 123456 1+2+3+4+5+6 = 21 21 is divisible by 3 so 123456 is also divisible by 3 Divisible by 4: if the last two digits of a given are divisible 4, so the number can be divisible by 4. Example : 749232 Last two digits are 32 which are divisible by 4 so the given number is also divisible by 4 Divisible by 5: If unit’s digit of a number is either ‘0’ or ‘5’ it is divisible 5. Example : 749230 Divisible by 6: If a given number is divisible by 2 and 3 (which are factors of 6), then the number is divisible by 6. Example : 35256 Unit’s digit is 6 so divisible by 2 3+5+2+5+6 = 21 so divisible by 3 So 35256 divisible by 6 Divisible by 8: if last 3 digits of a given number is divisible 8, then the given number is divisible 8. Example: 953360 360 is divisible by 8, so 953360 is divisible by 8 Divisible by 9: A number is divisible by 9, if sum of its digits divisible by 9. Example : 50832 5+0+8+3+2 = 18 divisible by 9 so 50832 divisible by 9 Divisible by 10: A number is divisible 10, if it ends with 0. Example : 508320 Divisible by 11: A number is divisible by 11,if the difference of sum of its digits at odd places and sum of its digits at even places , is either 0 or a number divisible by 11. Example : 4832718 (sum of digits at odd places ) – (sum of digits at even places) =(8+7+3+4)-(1+2+8) = 11 which is divisible by 11. So 4832718 is divisible by 11. I hope this simple tricks, will be very helpful to solve math’s homework problems easily.
  7. To calculate the day of the week for a given date, first of all we need to find out the number of odd days. Today I thought of sharing a beautiful problem I learned in my school, though it is easy, it is tricky too. Odd Days are number of days more than the complete number of weeks in given period. Leap Year is the year which is divisible by 4. A normal year has 365 days A leap year has 366 days One normal year = 365 days = 52weeks + 1day One normal year has one odd day One leap year = 366 days = 52weeks + 2days One leap year has two odd days 100 years = 76 ordinary years + 24 leap years = 5200 weeks + 124 days = 5217 weeks + 5 days 100 years have 5 odd days 400 years have (20+1) 0 odd days The number of odd days and the corresponding day of the week is given below 0-Sunday 1-Monday 2-Tuesday 3-Wednesday 4-Thursday 5-Friday 6-Saturday So by finding out the number of odd days you can find out the day of the week. I hope this procedure Will be helpful in solving math problems in exams. Thanks.
  8. burgess


    2*a2 = d2 Apply square root on both sides of the equation Sqt(2)*a = d
  9. Hi Function, Your procedure is absolutely correct, and one more addition for that, if you want to find out the 'C' value you can take limits for the integration and find out the C value.
  10. Help me to solve algebra 1 homework In a mixture of 60 liters, the ration of milk and water is 2 : 1. If this ratio is to be 1 : 2, then what is the quantity of water further added? Thanks
  11. What happens to earth planet orbit, If the sun collapsed to become a black hole? May be a silly question but i want the answer, please explain
  12. A capacitor loses half its charge every second. If after 5 seconds its charge is 'q', what was its initial charge?
  13. If more lamps are connected in series,what happens to the current in the power source? decreases or increases and why? please explain in detail Thanks in advance
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