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  1. lol sorry I fixed edited it....mold .....so it does inhibit ....because my shells look as pretty as the days we collected them in that jar....its amazing.. Now all the mold in the homes from storm Sandy was most likely from either sewer or rain water.....not the ocean.......I thought that ocean water would kill any type of critter or bad bacteria .....thank you ....I did try to Google it.......Google only goes so far
  2. well if you add....two wheels( like a windmill wheel) with opposing magnates on them shouldn't that be continuously turning wheels??
  3. Just a question.....can sea water kill mold? I was just wondering because we collected a large group sea shells and placed them in a large cookie jar in the late 90s and I look at them and realize no mold or anything growing on these shells all these years later.?? Also, the sandy storm on homes.....was it sea water that caused the mold on many homes or was it from other water?
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