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  1. Dear all, Thanks for the helps. Certainly it will be perfect if I can do it from programming. But if I only know some Excel skills and what’s all, and I want an immediate solution? Below worked out may help, and of course it’s an rough answer only, before I learned how to do it from programming. (Let me know if you need the Excel files.)
  2. thanks for the replies. because the Latitudes and Longitudes are in an Excel file with other relevant data, so preferabbly i want to set up the lookup function between. I am think to round them to simplify and resutls matched, for example 55°02.857'N + 002°3.294'E to 55.0 + 2.1. Would this be a reasonable way?
  3. Hello to you. I have dozens of pairs of Latitudes and Longitudes on hand, such as 55°02.857'N + 002°3.294'E, and I need to find out where they are. Each pair of them means a location, could be in a city, desert, forest, ocean etc. In what way I can find their rough locations? Just the country and area name will do, and no need to be precisely accurate. There are online webpages can do so but the number of coordinates are huge so I can’t do them one by one manually. Would there be a list of coordinates that I can search for results? Thanks.
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