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  1. Well my hair is most similar to my uncle (mother's side), not to my mother's dad or my own dad.
  2. I think if humans were to become a space going civilization, we'd just become midgets. Most of our muscles wouldn't be used nearly as much as on a planet, and we'd start to shrink. Having to live in confined spaces would aid the shrinking process, I'm sure?
  3. Pure weightlifting is bad because of the stress being placed on the kids bones. Other forms of training (resistance training as someone else said) are good. That's why most kids play a lot of sport, and don't weightlight.
  4. Weird when you think about how much it's been studied, compared to other organs. Which is the part of the brain that holds a persons conscience? Does this part deal primarily with problem solving?
  5. At the moment I listen to a lot of Groove Armada and Faithless, but my all time faves are Linkin Park and Cypress Hill. I like pretty much all music except pop, country and emo.
  6. Okay, thanks. I understand it now, I must have mis-heard my teacher or something- I got the idea that photons emitted light and found it confusing as you could tell. ;p
  7. So, when a Photon is in motion does it emit more intense light?
  8. Hey, I'm new to the forum- decided to ask a question that wasn't answered in school! I get the idea that electromagnetic waves are released from photons, but I don't understand how the waves interact with anything if they don't have a mass. Also how do photons emit energy if they don't have a mass? Maybe it's a lack of detail in my syllabus, but it seems that I kind of missed something. Just a few weeks ago our teacher explained E=mc² to us. So there I am under the impression that only something with a mass has any energy (and can therefore give out energy). So how do photons first
  9. I thought that nothing could escape a black hole?
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