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  1. Dears, I would like to answer your questions as below: 1. In my country, quicklime is very cheap, just about less than half of 1 dollaer for 1 kg 2. Petroleum can be found in sotme countries, but not all. Many countries must import it for using. While quicklime can be found in mountain, I think every country can have this 3. Better or worse, petroleum resouces in the world will be empties in next few decades. And we have to look for a new source, no other choice. Why don't we think of my experment as an applicable solution?
  2. Dears, All of us know that chemical reaction between calcium oxide (quicklime) with water will produce heat energy strongly by the following equation: Cao + H2O = Ca(OH)2 -> releases heat energy I have improved the reaction above to maximize the heat energy production with the following steps: I use a plastic jar whose volume is around 65.53 cm3. I put into the jar 3 full spoons of quicklime. (The volume of the spoon is around 7.85 cm3) Boil water Fill in the remaining volume of the jar with boiled water Then drop some floor cleaner liquid into the jar and shut it tightly Result: Aft
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