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  1. It's just literally grass on a typical household lawn--but massive. Like twice as tall as a McDonalds. It's a satircal novel, so there won't be any science behind it; it's there because I needed it for a plot point. I just wanted to make sure all this extra oxygen wouldn't have an averse effect on the envirement. You actually just gave me a potentional idea with this statement.
  2. So you are saying my humans and wildlife should be bigger than normal?
  3. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew my question was stupid. But I had to know, just in case. Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone, I come here after a maddening stint of Googling, trying to find my awnser--with no luck. So I hope you will all forgive me for my strange (and most likely stupid question). Some backstory: I am writing a satirical novel, and one major element of the fictional United States-sized contintent it takes place in, is that a lot of the landmass is covered in tall grass, and I mean tall--twice as tall than most buildings, wider than most humans, and just as thick as a lawn. You could say roughly 30% of the landmass is covered with the stuff (so imagine 30% of the United States being covered with it--but scatered throughout). So my question is, would this have any affect on the envirement, or the people(s) living there? Some of the tall grass boarders some towns/cities, would this have any affect on the population? Any and all information is much apreciated! Thanks, Jonathan
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