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  1. I have recently been watching cosmos series about Michael Faraday and his work and how radio communication wouldn't of existed without him nor the use of electricity for machinery and i brainstormed at the end it hit me like a bullet as they said some radio waves move as fast as the speed of light and the thought has occurred to me ... Why, why is it as fast as light? when no solid object can move faster than the speed of light and then i thought theoretically if you could turn an object into radio waves you could transport it anywhere as fast than the speed of light essentially creating what was thought to be science fiction (teleportation). Turning ones self into radio wave atoms would be difficult but if successful it's also another way worm holes could work as the field is bended like light to cut across the galaxy is it possible since radio waves move near the speed of light that if you could see what radio waves might see that the world would be compressed like its squashed down allowing you to move to any location in a much shorter time. I suppose the real question would be how to turn oneself back without anything missing . Anyway i would like to see if anyone smarter than me can think of a way this could work, it's just an idea but you never know if my theory is right and we find a way and have the technology then it could be a key to an astounding future with almost unimaginable possibilities or something like that.
  2. thus that is concluded until devansh can prove the evidence of whatever else may of caused our universe to form cause it didn't fall out of the sky(cause it is the sky duh!)
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