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  1. Sherlock holmes is a detective with more cognitive and brain power than James bond who has physical strengt with a lot of ammunition plus technical help. Thus, we come to the conclusion that the both cannot be compared.
  2. The neutrilisation reaction would cause relative damage corresponding to the Ph level of the acids. Thus granite being less rective and probably with less Ph levels may cause more damage and less buffering.
  3. Fluids drawn from the deep earth carry a mixture of gases, notably carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), methane (CH4) and ammonia (NH3). These pollutants contribute to global warming, acid rain, and noxious smells if released. Thus it would be safe to condense the water and send it down, rather than polluting the eenvironment
  4. The product may be of high voltage thus it is not safe to experiment with such high power batteries.
  5. A basic power is needed to refract light artificially, so when the power is not that much\to the limit, then there may be unability to refract light. Sometimes even the angle at which the light passes from the source can be effective.if kept at any unusual position the light would diverge. Thus keeping in mind the angle and power of the light perform the experiment.
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