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  1. cubesat, But what want to know is there a non-contact temperature sensor aviailable? That works at a distance of meters at least
  2. Hello. I am working on a project to build a model satelite with some functionality. Communications, Payload Sensors, Attitude sensing, robotic arm, solar panel and a simulated RCS. We are restricted to low budget and i would like to know what types of sensors (arduino, raspberry pi compatible) we could use to measure e.g. prescence of certain chemicals-->spectrograh and magnetic field, eath's surface relief etc.
  3. Can i create a plasma channel using a van de graff generator etc to conductive like a wire? What is the conductivity of plasma in air-> links to previous research appreciated
  4. I have read that xenon reacts
  5. Is radon toxic because it is radioactive or because it is chemically active?
  6. Since gravity can be described as a curvature in spacetime, can other forces like EM, Weak, Strong etc? Be described similarly
  7. http://www.sciencealert.com/new-study-confirms-physicists-might-have-spotted-a-fifth-force-of-nature Heard news of a possible fifth force of nature, seeking more deatailed information on the subject matter
  8. noxid


    Kind of a basic question, but doesnt the fact that it always measures the same make it the perfect datum, please correct my misconception
  9. noxid


    since light speed is a constant why dont we measure velocity relative to it
  10. noxid


    does a velocity of zero exits in the universe, or any velocity apart from the speed of light, since everything is relative to something else, how can i say i am moving faster or slower than another object with confidence?
  11. If they speed increase, wont that translate into a force that pushes them to the tail
  12. Doesnt it become harder and harder to maintain a 1 G acceleration as c is approached assumig we have an intial velocity of 0 (whatever that is), there are 31557600 seconds in a year, multiply that by the acceleration, which is 9.80665m/s^2 and we get 309,264,480 ms-1, so we kept moving at g for 1 year we would be moving faster than light, which it seems regrettably is impossible, so can we really travel at g for 400+
  13. Does this take into account deceleration at midway point?
  14. According to relativity, gravitational fields cause time dilation effects, lets say for instance i have a 'magic' device that can generate gravitational fields Is it possible that this can be used to slow down one's time so as to make the journey seem much shorter
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