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  1. hmm.. good question they are scientists in the field of engineering? So that makes them scientists!
  2. Hey why don't they even do it? is it beacuse yellowstone is a national park?
  3. I feel that South Africa shouldn't be on BRICS. But that is a diffrent topic. I feel that there is no possible WWIII beacuse of globalization, we are all dependent on each other. Russia provides gas to EU, without this gas the european economy would stand still. No factories can run without proper fuel, Russia would lose a lot of money. After that the trade between EU and US would stand still therefor US losing a lot on that, with the American and Euopean contries on decline China would lose their biggest customer US. It would become one big domino effect. Just look how the collapse of Greece did a big impact on the worlds economy, imagine if the the rest of EU had the same collapse.
  4. This topis is really stupid you know why? Beacuse RUSSIANS are not like western people. We have two very diffrent standards, They see church as a big thing, but Americans or western EU don't. It's like telling them that Putin is an dictator, but he isn't they have to have strong leaders. Pussy riot is just a group of teenagers with nothing to do on there spare time. I think they deserve what ever they get. This my friends is Russia, they are cruel and give hard punishment but if it works for them why complain? We don't see anyone complaining about Guantanmo?
  5. How do you know that you exist? can you prove that you exist? Can I prove that I exist?
  6. The diff between an science and engineering degree is that you do a lot more math in engineering than you would in a CS degree. If you like math i would recommend SE over SC any day, but if you hate math go for SC what every you pick make sure you study for an master degree, its not worth with just a bachelor degree. I hope it helps and good luck with your studies!
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