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  1. Hello! I'm a Mechanical Engineering student and I have a work with my classmate about mechanical engineering applied in rockets, so I wonder what are the best topics to talk about it: projecting the rocket aerodynamics? The rocket engine? History of rockets? We are first working in the abstract, so I need a general idea of this subject (an introduction). Ps: I'm not a lazy guy, I just want to know some opinions of users that know about this subject as an orientation. Thank you very much!
  2. Of course I know, but I won't breathe in large quantities, just a small amount to cause the biological effect, if I should call this.
  3. What it could do to the organism?
  4. I wonder if it's possible produce N2O (Nitrous Oxide) - commonly known as laughing gas - at home. I don't know if it's dangerous its use for fun, even if me or my friends use a little. What reactions should I do to get the final product? May I do that? That's the result: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ha-ZrUPJ_E
  5. Yes, for who is watching outside the car (0 km/h) the bullet speed will be 400 km/h. So in this case the bullet will go out the window, right?
  6. I was having a chat with my friend about classical physics and I got this situation on my mind: imagine that a person are in a car at 200 Km/h and he shoots a gun that throws a bullet with the same speed as the car, the bullet will be flying through the window of the car or will stop where the person are sitting? I know it has something with momentum (I guess).
  7. While I was lying on my bed thinking in various things about engineering I thought this situation: Imagine there's a water tank (not full [almost in the half of the tank]). If we heat the water inside the tank, the water will turn into steam and perform a pressure at the tank walls and it can explode due the high pressure (there's no escape to the water). But what happens with the steam when the tank walls are lined with hydrophobic material, the tank will even explode due the pressure?
  8. No doubt!! In the future, when I become a Mechanical Engineer, I want to be expert in medical equipments (one of the areas I want), specially 3D Printers. Also look at the Organovo website.
  9. But isn't a Stirling engine at low cost alternative rather than vapor turbine? Remembering that is a small-medium farm, this "farmers" can't spend much money. I thought that Stirling engine could be a good power generator using the sun.
  10. I didn't mention that, but I have a school work to project something ecologic for the city and I and my friends decided to use the concept of Permaculture. Basically, what the stirling engine will do is just provide energy using the sun, a convex lens will concentrate the solar light to one side of the stirling and other side will be cooled with water or something else. But the responses, I just want to say this: love you guys! You guys thought things that I'd never imagine.
  11. Hello! I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I wonder if its a good deal use stirling engine for energy production in a small-medium farm. Thanks for the response.
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