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  1. I would have to have a lot of batteries though... I would need a hundered times stronger current and I am limited to a small quantity
  2. If i measured it correctly I have a 300 micro amp.. the 200 part on the voltmeter maxed out ! So I actually have a .325 milli amps , I realize now that that is the problem
  3. Hey guys can you help me out here... I created a battery out of these materials NH4Cl, MnO2, Zinc strips, carbon rod ... What i did is make a 4 M solution of NH4Cl, by putting 20 grams of it into 85 ml of water... then I dipped a felt pad into it Then I got 4 grams of the MnO2 and spread it onto the felt pad Then I wrapped it around a carbon rod Finally I covered the felt pad with multiple zinc strips ... Finally I got an average of a 1.5 volt from this, using a voltmeter, yet when I connect it to a light bulb, it doesnt flash, but flashed from a 1.2 volt battery ... Can anyone tell me why this happens ? ... Is it because the zinc strips are small... should it be one big piece ?
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