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  1. As a cosmic observation the unique characteristics of galaxies appear to have a correlation to the kinetic energy exhibited by the central black hole. The direction of rotation of the black hole appears to be ascertainable by the shape of the galaxy, particularly the position of the outer arms of stars. Also, the planar nature of galaxies appears to result from the rotational velocity intrinsic to the black hole. - Side question, is it likely that there were bodies outside of the galactic plane affected by the rotational velocity of the black hole that would have collapsed into the black hole thereby increasing it's mass initially? Does the rotation of a black hole allude to some of the mechanics involved with it's initial formation? Since if it is rotating now it is logical to think that it has been rotating since it's inception. Can a black hole without rotation support a galactic formation? - I would guess no as without the kinetic force of rotational velocity there is nothing to counteract the overwhelming force of gravity.
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