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  1. strange if you are not willing to provide anything to this subjuct i am no longer going to respond to you. this was a written version of WHAT I AM WORKING ON TRYING TO PROVE. if you do not understand what i am asking of you then dont message at all. i am not asking anyone to blindly follow this at all. so if there is something YOU see is wrong in my thinking here fell free to point it out and i will remedy the situation. EVERYTHING HERE IS SPECULATIVE AT BEST. so until i have concrete calculations. if everything that i am working on turns out to be a flop then i will tell you all that im wrong. so there is nothing peer reviewed until it works and when it works it should fit into our standard view of the universe anyway. SO ONCE AGAIN SPECULATIVE AT BEST UNTIL I CAN PROVIDE EVIDENCE. so quit asking and provide something useful
  2. Also the collision of nutron stars could also create heavier elements.
  3. So your point about the supernova? And to strange I can't get the quoting to work right so this is how I shall communicate. This is the start of my formulas in the best English I can provide. I will not post my formulas until I can get them to work. So I will continue in this form ultil I have reached something concrete. Because the most people wouldn't understand it in terms of an equation also like I said they are incomplete so until I complete my equations you will have to put up with it for now if you want me to put a disclaimer saying speculative I will but once again that's y I put this in speculations. Actual changes will occur in my next main post. For now flaws in my explanation would be nice not just show me evidence. I am at a standstill right now with my equations because all of my ideas revolve around the possibility of heavy elemental fusion which could be possible beyond the event hotizion of a black hole. Soi will respond with a revised version of heavy element fusion because I see that a broad overview explained poorly seems to be too confusing to you I do not have enough space to place all my notes I was just trying to explain as quickly as possible. So I will stick to broad explanations on a single subject due to my poor ability to communicate. So over the weekend I will write a verbal description of my ideas nothing is concrete and I'm not trying to say this is fact. I'm just trying to work towards that.
  4. because einsteins theories are flawed. infinity is not an answer it is just a placeholder. and i thought this was speculations where you post ideas and bounce them off eachother prove that my thinking is wrong in points or point ouit weak points in my argument until the idea is finally perfected. so prove im wrong or misinformed and i will change it.ths is intinded to be a small part of a theory of the universe. but the energy escaping from the poles was a misunderstanding a quasar. the entire thing is still going to be rewritten with these things in mind . but picture regular fusion at much hotter tempuratures with much heavier elements. fusion stops at iron but i am proposeing a much hotter tempureatures and muchgreater pressure.
  5. to strange as well i wanted this to be seperate because this is in response to your response of this post. the quasar thing was horribly wrong my apologies. i cant seeme to edit the original post so i cant remove it. also if two neutron stars collide they can produce a black hole as well just an fyi. but a neuteron star itself does not have the mass required to collapse into a black hole. in my idea two neutron stars might have enough mass to spark the same process with heavy ements as is started with a mass of hydrogen starting fusion(heavier elements smaller space). what im proposeing is that fusion can occur in heavy elements but with an energy loss consumption of energy from the materials around it causing heavy elemental fusion. so a black hole is essentialy using stolen energy to fuse elements in its core. so would it be better to make a new post when i revise this or keep it in the same feed?
  6. so i took away and clarified some things and changed some ideas overall. i took away element 531 because it was irrelivant. if you read the first line you would see that i was not saying there was. most of the comments were so hung up on the title and first line just seeing a numpad typo. so removed. the number was just pulled from my ass. and thats it. my apologies for not responding i read the commments and i felt rather than responding it would be easier to start anew. planetoid has been completely removed. thank you for the thinking content davidivad.
  7. this is just an idea that i am working on. this is just a semi clear english translation of an idea that i am reasearching my last post poeple seemed to have trouble with the title my excessive use of the word i believe. i understand now that "i believe" does not mean to you what it means to me. to me saying "i believe" is like saying "i think?" so lets get on with it. revised also for other content that i didnt think through,so thank you for all of the responses. Formation of a black hole stage 1 a star reaches its final days as it produces more and more iron. Once the star produces the iron the energy that kept the star from collapsing inward is gone. all of the matter that once formed the star begins to collapse stage 2. fusion continues as more and more material is forced to the center of the star. The immense heat and and pressures would be enough to force the elements to fuse. And the larger the star or the more dense the star is more material crushing down on a single point. All of the energy that caused the star to keep its shape being gone would force an uncontrolled fusion into heavier and heavier elements. Stage 3. eventually the elements become so heavy that the “black hole” is formed. the more ultra heavy elements are created the larger the “black hole” . The “black hole” essentially is a star that fuses the heaviest elements forced by its immense gravitational field caused by the weight of a large star into only a few single elements. The life and death of a “black hole” Stage 1 little or no energy(or potentially negative) is produced by a black hole. Matter that is collected is added to the fusion. Light gets trapped in the immense gravitational field and spins rapidly around inside. Stage 2 Eventually the the fusion reaches its limit and stops fusing altogether. At this point all the stored energy begins escaping from its poles. Stage 3. as the “black holes sit in space they are subject to radioactive decay. Without enough material to fuse the black hole remains stagnant until it ultimately dies. *note. If the black hole produces negative energy in its fusion process the light that is trapped inside may be used as energy in the heavy element fusion process. Once the process has stopped the light from the quasar may be from the gravitational field having to much light spinning around inside. And the light rotating may likely be spinning around until it forces its way through the field. With no negative energy to consume the energy from the light the light may have the chance to build up and force out the poles (just because the fusion has stopped doesn't mean gravity has). so i am just looking on opinions potential flaw in my reasoning other concerns etc. knowlege is from a collective not just a single person.
  8. Element 534 I am not actually proposing that element 534 i am proposing that inside the center of a plack hole is matter. The center of a black hole is a mystery. But I believe that black holes are actually planets made of elements so heavy that they can distort space and time around them. As a star makes heavier and heavier until its core becomes unstable the core either explodes and becomes a dwarf or implodes and becomes a black hole. I believe that a star large enough could produce an element heavy enough in its core to have enough of a gravitational field to absorb the star around it. All of the elements would come to the surface around it shredded by the gravitational field. The elements that would compose the planet would probably decay until the black hole is no more. The gravitational field of the planet of elements would be so intense that the size of the planet may be much smaller than the hole itself. As larger elements pass through the gravitational field of the planet they would be shredded to their smallest form. In the case of larger black holes I believe they have liquid cores spinning around a smaller core (much like earth) causing an orbit around a central axis. When a quasar is formed I believe that all of the elements have been spinning around the equitoral region eventually when the space between the inner planet and the gravitational field will have so much material that the gravitational field cant support it. The material inside will be spinning so fast that the poles will rip open and expel all the material. any comments questions or criticism is greatly appreciated
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