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  1. Any material can become a solid with the right temperature. So could it be possible to freeze photons into a solid or gaseous state? Though you would need contain the photons into a static state in order to freeze them. This could help with future space travel for going almost as fast as light.
  2. Some animals have been around hundreds of thousands of years before us, yet none have evolved to be as intelligent as humans. What makes us so sucessful in evolution?
  3. Shouldn't liquids slowly get thicker than instantly freezing into a solid? The more you freeze an object, the more the molecules start to slow down, cluster and get thicker. So why is it that you freeze a liquid the process of molecule clusterization is instantaneous?
  4. Why can't we just go faster than the speed of light? I know its supposed to be a big law in physics but it doesn't really make sense to me. I mean light isn't the fastest thing in the universe. There are other various particles that travel WAY faster than light would. So why can't we? How is adding a few more kmps from a speed almost the speed of light to go faster than light such a problem?
  5. Lets say today you had a test and you failed it. Next day, you buy a time machine and you go into the past. you tie up your past self and correct your test so that you pass the test. What would happen to the universe that you failed the test in?
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