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  1. After Reading a Few theory's on how our universe was created a few people have stated that there are a couple of ways our universe was created, According to the first theory our universe is the result of a Source with infinite density and mass, resulting in the big bang theory creating a 3 dimensional plane of existence that we live in, while time is supposedly a 4th dimension surrounding the 3rd dimension an expanding with our universe, they went on to say that our universe is young an will eventually evolve into a higher plane been a 4th dimensional plane of existence then so on to a 5th dimensional plane thats what they stated in the first theory..., other physicist have theorized that the big bang was the result of a hyper black hole in a 4 dimensional plane of existence higher then our own, an that that existence is made of physical matter like our own, an that the source of infinite density and mass was the result of a 4th dimensional star collapsing into a black hole creating our 3 dimensional plane of existence. sought of like a hypersphere an our space time is surrounded by a higher dimension,now i dont no if any of these theory's have any creditability but the do spark for an interesting read..
  2. Finalshine

    black Holes

    If a black hole is of infinite density but Zero diameter does that make it a 2 dimensional or a 1 dimensional Object
  3. Thanks for the Help, after adding 19 to both sides, then dividing by 3 i come up with two answer 7.3 and 2.. now i no the answer is 2.. but how do i get rid of the 7.3..?
  4. After watching a show on Multiverse and Multi dimensions, they outlined there could be Possibly 4 different types of Multiverse's, saying that one of them,dictates our Universe to be Infinite, yet there also be an number of Infinite Multiverse's contain exact copies of me and everyone on the earth, Varying slightly or Drastically in Difference and Lifestyle, i think to my self if our universe is infinite why would there need to be copies of a thing that is infinite to begin with, and as to the copies of Us, why would there be a universal or multiverse law to be exact an have the same of everything just differing is some way..?
  5. no just the actual way of working out these type equations..
  6. need help with linear eqautions such as 3 x - 19 = - 13 my teacher goes through things way to quick no matter how many times you ask him to slow down
  7. i figured out where i have gone wrong, with you showing me how to do it then, somehow i was adding and not subtracting as my teacher has said anything that is showed is the opposite to what you are working out.. like add is to subtract, and multiply is to divide an back and forth but got this order mixed up..
  8. Im doing distance between two points as its set out ---------------------------------- / 2 2 d = / (x2-x1) + (y2-y1) = and so i write the equation im doing out and follow the set rules to working it out.... x1,y1 x2,y2 ( 4 , 5 ) ( 1 , 1 ) --------------------------------------- / 2 2 d= / (1-4) + (1-5) = Now my text Book says the Answer is 5.. but i don't no how im getting 31.1.. im following what im meant to be doing but still getting it wrong somehow.. any help would be great..
  9. this is the equation im doing, but my text book says its -5
  10. Im Using a Cas Calculator to work out the Following Equation x+11 2(x+14x) ------- = --------- 3 9 Now i no the Answer is -5 but when putting the following Equation in my Calculator i keep comimg up with 11 x= ---- 9 Just looking for a bit of Help if any one can help me at all.. thanks Matt
  11. isn't the Universe Mostly meant to be Made up of Dark energy and Dark Matter leaving something like 5% Normal Matter to fill the universe..?
  12. im not one for been absolute on anything but after watching a TV program, that was based on time the universe an the effects of it all on the everyday day life on earth an the basic operations and physics of the universe. The program stated that time travel to the future is possible cause every eventuality is cast upon the space time continuum ready to unfold like a flicker movie showing single frame pictures, im not ruling out that it could be possible, but i think to my self that how can travel to the future be possible if time is relative, how can thing have already happened if were are now in the present what i am saying is i don't think its possible as no ones future or destiny is written,an the future hasn't happen yet.. the program went on to say that time travel to the past is not possible , as in no body has come back from the future yet so unless there hiding very well in society its not possible.. yet in a way i think that time travel to the past could be possible , in saying that.. i believe that once an action or part of the space time continuum has been set in motion an passes an exists as the past, it could be possible from the present to go back in time by locking on to pre determined parts of the space time continuum , like bus stops in time , that only go in reverse an back to the present,to the point of the big bang theory where space time stops an the physics of general relativity and time cease to exists..no one could think that how if we could go back in time what type of technology or power requirements would be needed for this type of thing.. now ive studied that black holes exert effects on space time to the point of time and action cease to stop existing in the universe under normal relativity due to time dilation, now if somehow a black hole could be harnessed an that by keeping the black hole as it is of how the complex operations that make a black hole, but somehow reversing what the time gravitational and time dilation effects that are exerted upon the universe, in theory what if the reversing effects of the black hole could actually reverse time , as a normal operating black hole stops time completely , reversing the effects in someway could actually reverse time altogether to a select point, depending on the controlled conditions and what effects are exerted upon the user..
  13. Now i have leant that how Black holes work to an exstent, there effects on the Universe and such,and recently reading Hawkings Proposal that black holes may not be black holes at all, has got me thinking how do they really work, no im only speculating at this point but what if a black hole is a continually evolving 2 dimensional but 3 dimensional object at the same time.. if all the laws of physics "go out the window" so to speak, who is to say it cant work this way, a 2 dimensional object instantaneously is the same time a 3 dimensional object to the observer ,yet surrounded by a 3 dimensnal event horizon, similar to a hypersphere, with no diameter an infinite mass, it takes shape yet doesn't at the same time, hence not essentially a black hole since all space is 3 dimensional an how ever u look at it at in any angle its all the same , the effects are constant across that 3 dimensional path, therefore a region of space not essentially a black hole ,but more like to a black sphere where all the " Holes" thought effects spread across it evenly, by the instantaneously changing 2d yet 3d object, surrounded by the 3d event horizon..
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