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  1. This can easily be proved as non factual and your right, a farcical couple of sentences....as you would need to prove your claims. I am not a champion for the show 'Ancient Aliens'....and I agree that a vast amount of the claims are, to quote someone else....'bunk'. I am also willing to admit there is no real scientific evidence for an ancient alien theory. Through all these posts I have never claimed that. I think people just see someone giving the premise some merit and, without really reading between the lines, jump on the condemnation bandwagon. Just remember what part of the forum we are in here folks....'Speculation', I mean that should tell you something right there. There is no right and wrong here, there is no definitive answers, it cant be proven one way or the other, yes not exactly science but I give the show a thumbs up for putting the speculative evidence out there, for asking the questions, for making it available to a wider audience....because unfortunately most people veg by their TV's than read or would not otherwise come into contact with this theory, and of course this whole subject has been poo-pooed by mainstream science for years, why would they change now.
  2. So what your saying mooeypoo, first of all that all religious belief is bunk? Because there is no evidence of a any kind of god, it's for simpletons. All things without corroborating factual evidence are just bunk and easily dismissed, as bunk. There may not be factual evidence, but there is speculative evidence, pictures, drawings, ancient texts about visitors from the sky, from most ancient civilizations, the Maharataba for one, is a compelling read. Speculative evidence, or could I say "Theory"....? And who is to say this evidence is not factual? You? You going to tell me that the ancient peoples were idiots, simpletons, or just storytellers? Now they may have been all that, but again, they may have been describing visitations from alien life forms....Do you know for sure which it is....? So all the show is putting this 'evidence' out there, but your saying it's not 'rational' to create 'theories' on speculative evidence....Science is full of 'theories'.... The four bullets that you described....yes if no. 1 is true that doesn't make 2 & 3 true, sure, but on the other side of the coin, it could....the theory IS debatable, the corroborating evidence is mentioned above, ie. texts, drawings, descriptions of what they witnessed, etc. Also, I don't think I've ever heard that the aliens built monuments to themselves, It's a general 'theory' that the peoples of earth built the monuments to them, in anticipation of they're triumphant return....
  3. All the disputing aside, it doesn't matter if the evidence they have is creditable or not, clutching or creating straws, the premise is still there. It may have not happened the way the show tries to portray. But the fact remains, the if we think we are the only living organisms in this vast universe, is vain, arrogant and to completely dismiss the idea is a scathing indictment of overall intelligence. As i said, the suggestion that there may me functioning, intelligent life out there, is no less believable than any religious 'faith'....Whether they visited earth many years ago is still extremely debatable, and 'extremely debatable', may be a generous statement....
  4. So what everyone is saying is that the ancient alien theory is garbage....? The idea that an extraterrestrial life-form landed on this planet many, many years ago is no less believable than a one god or religious theory. Yet billions of people pray, worship and give their lives over to some dude that sits on his throne in the sky....Really? That's more believable that the ancient alien theory? How can you refute and mock a theory when you have no idea of its merit.... Yes the show is sometimes clutching at straws and some of the claims are outlandish....but they have airtime to fill and a show to keep running. All that aside, some of the points, facts, are worth a consideration, they are worth a 'HHmmmmm'.... The Nazca lines for example, only make sense when seen from above....?? On the flip side of the coin, 'crop circles', in my opinion, complete nonsense....The fact that ALL gods, myths, including Jesus himself, descended and ascended from, above, from the stars....That itself is intriguing.... Lest ye not mock, those who know not the truth....
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