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  1. I agree. What exactly is so moral about religion? Look at how homophobic all the religions are! Religion and morality are autocontradictory. Impostor of Jon Donnis Psychic Medium In reality a bit, like all other bits of the universe, consists, so far as I know at present, of innumerable atoms whirling and dancing one about the other. \ It is no more solid than a snowstorm. Were you to eat of Alice-in-Wonderland’s mushroom and shrink to the dimensions of the infra-world, each atom with its electrons might seem to you a solar system. Where is morality and religion in the microcosm? Nowhere. As below, so here. Within, without. Impostor of Jon Donnis
  2. tar is right. Being gay and proud of it, I don't need religion. So I am atheist. Religion turned of my abilities as best-in-class medium so what good is it? None. Impostor of Jon Donnis I think you and I have very different definitions of agnosticism. Agnosticism to me doesnt mean neutral or moderate, as it's used in popular philosophical culture. It means the literal sense of not having knowledge, or nor stating that the question is not knowable. That why the concept of an agnostic researcher doesnt make sense to me; why would one research something that they deem as unknowable? Dumb. Oh, and yes, agnostics can be gay as can atheists. Ask me. I am one. Impostor of Jon Donnis
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