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  1. 1984 would be pretty straightfoward as It's a plot based on subconcious messages referring to the government(s). Just quote the psychological aspects of it (1+1=3, others) and then quote the "big brother" references (being watched, submitting to one ruler, no freedom, thought police).
  2. http://www.howtodogirls.com Girls in bikinis teaching calculus, I found it on iFilm. But I must say, I want to order it, and I'm only doing pre-calculus maths
  3. Ah, I understand now. I better pull out my old bunsen burner for some fun! Is there any critical amount of magnesium needed to get a sufficient amount of gas?
  4. During a chemistry class, I believe the teacher said that exposing Magnesium to water will cause an explosion (or in his words, a large "pop"). Can anyone verify whether it is Magnesium, or am I thinking of Potassium?
  5. It can't be. If it is a binary system, then everything MUST be a one OR a zero, if something is to be less than one and more than zero then that is an invalid state.
  6. Everything can be described in binary theoretically? I say no. What about particles of spin 1/2 ? Theres no way to express a half in binary unless you use an operator on it, which is in fact NOT expressing it in binary, but as an equation.
  7. Try going around some irc programming channels, such as #java, ##C++ and #python on irc.freenode.net
  8. ! I think you mean C++ hehe. I'd recommmend learning Python. http://www.python.org. Nice clean language.
  9. Who would want to run OSX on their x86? If they wanted to, they'd get PPC.
  10. Orff, Ravel, Beethoven, Stravinski
  11. Learning things like lating helps you with the english language, as it is based off that and French. Learning number patterns can help, and memorizing things is usefull as well. I've memorized Pi to about 56 or 57 digits, off memory, and that helped me in memorizing other things (I also won the Pi reciting competetion at school ) like the periodic table. I know for that basic science, when starting out, learning a little of everything helps alot, as you can understand what some other people are saying that study in area x or y. And it helps you if you need knowledge of thing x in say, physics, which involves some basic Chemistry. Reading lots of books helps, keeps your brain up to date, refreshed and increases knowledge. Try to read the (news)paper everyday, it helps with politcal information (I suppose you don't have to care really ) Gaining friends with expertise in the area you want to study in also helps, as they can help you out.
  12. I'll join when I can. I need to setup the *nix version, then I'll be helping you out
  13. You stupid script kiddie. Learn the basics before you learn DDosing, and even then, don't try it, you will get caught. Some people on neworder might help you, but they are ethical hackers, not bottom feeders.
  14. PHPBB2 for sure. Easy as hell to setup, if you have trouble, just befriend someone who has already done it to help you. I haven't done anything with Invision yet, I hear its okay. Xoops is alright.
  15. Safeboot - Boot with devices at normal configuration, settings are set to default (I think) noguiboot-Boot with text only, and a shell. No gui. bootlog - log boot session basevideo - Default video settings I think SOS - I knew this one, forgot it though.
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