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  1. The physics theory is competition with logical ability. So we are fighting with each other to win the war by logical thinking. So physics theory is the memory for the war with logical mind. And as a result, it is good to BE.
  2. True number means God. Only God knows the population of the world. So Holy spirit gives me to understand the population.
  3. There is a true number we cannot count by my mind as it is not my experience to understand. So when we put this number in the computer, the computer cannot count this number so this number is changing each time as computer error. The computer cannot count the true number.
  4. My body is one so when we eat the food, it does not mixed with my body. If eating mix with body, the death body is also cut as evolution, big bang, atomic bomb and black hole and they( black hole) are not the truth as they are not one. There are no black hole and no evolution as they are two.
  5. Time is the number we cannot understand by myself as the number. I can define that it is not illusion, but it is feeling to know someday as the knowledge for together to get it. So we share our own number together as the Time Number.
  6. Disease Definition We can define the disease by the circumstance of our body. The bridge between man and nature is ID.(No start and no ending(quantum way) as the last name. It is not existing(Subconscious)). So ID explains evolution and big bang logically by the existence of the universe(nature). ID is evolution and Big Bang (nowhere) as it is getting bigger as the accident with gap. After the accident, it is the way as no accident. The man and the nature share the ID as definition as the disease. The disease is growing up as evolution and Big Bang getting bigger.
  7. If we live the same life, again, as we live until today, it is Time Machine. By ID, we have the family(last name) and with the predestination, the ID family is forever. If we understand the accident, as it is impossible to know it, it makes the perfect Time Machine as ID. But I still do not understand Accident, yet.
  8. The puzzle for physics and chemistry We can work on freely as Time machine, if it fits on 100% formula. 1. All atoms make the molecule as puzzle. 2. We can do the math for the physics formula as KG*M/SEC If the math meaning equals with the physics formula by itself, than it is 100% as time machine formula to understand it perfectly. So the math is just the method to explain the physics formula. But I believe that the math theory would be the 100% physics formula, so it is the perfect world, someday. I hope to be it.
  9. philipishin

    To God

    When I made the new theory, this theory can move you just like God with you and me. So I can act freely this theory with other humans. With this part, it is God who do for you and me. *As the theory can be changed, it means God made you as creation, but we love to God.
  10. There are two logics together, so we can go on forward. 1. One is logical frame. We made it as we create it as God. 2. Another is logical reason as normal. It is easy as we feel it all the time.
  11. It means 1+1=2 step by step. It is logic to figure out all of the math problem. All math is by 1+1=2. Using this, An infinite series are two ways. Block number existing as they are to repeat, or all of them are Zero as the standard logic.(=no denominator as zero.)
  12. Study after experience. You need to study the number formula at the school before you experience your own way to count the number. And then you can explain your number for you.
  13. For me, I can understand everything absolutely. But after I heard the spirit for the gap, that is the gap as an accident. The accident becomes the true religious as I cannot understand and prove it. It is my Black Hole mind. As an example, it is the spirit connect everybody's mind together, but I am the only one not connected. I cannot prove it forever as Black hole. I think this accident theory makes the scientist sick and pain.
  14. Every equation of the relativity is just the way to understand through to solve one question of math. 1+1=2 step by step. And we just add the feeling into the equation as the hypothesis. I hope to make a big new theory without the relativity. The number is just enough now. Maybe another thing would happen as we understand the way through the math in logical way. The experience is just in the way of the math problem, again too.
  15. By my feeling, we can change the physics by number. 1+1=2 I do not know the origin of 1, but I use this formula 1+1=2 as step 1 to 1 for the math problem. So when I change the formula, an infinite series is zero as the math, but I use this infinite series as the block existence number as the number going on. So I can change the number by emotion.
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