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  1. this is all strictly IMHO but you can also add into that the problems with religion, from trying to reconcile one with the other to outright fear of science in some cases due to the religious fanaticism of some One thing that can also help is the problem with PAY... while I was growing up, my parents tried EVERYTHING in their power to keep me from science and any science fields (with the exception of medicie - doctor) My father actually said the words "there is no money in that... why would you want to do that for a living" when I talked to him about physics Another big issue is how FUN the classes are, as pointed out already. learning by rote and classes that are boring are harder to get into and learn... One class that I took on-line (after reading his book) was the physics class at MIT given by Prof Lewin If there were more cflasses that engaged the student and were more interesting like his course, there would be better students and likely more students interested as well... Interest can be INFECTIOUS when people are really truly loving what they do... whenever I read Lewin's book, I get excited about physics... There ALSO seems to be some problem with classification. You can't be something IF you are something else... like religion and science. They make you choose which to be, rather than just let someone compartmentalise themselves. Some people think that there are political issues... and this just exacerbates the situation, IMHO but this is just IMHO, mind you I've always been respectful of the hard work and dedication needed to be involved with the scientific fields. where is that anymore? most kids want big bucks and something fast and easy... they are not willing to work HARD to achieve something that may take years... and maybe that is ALSO another problem with science and its fields? you can't just jump in and start running (so to speak)... you need hard work and training, and with the instant gratification of todays society in so many ways, this is anathema to children and thier future dreams. If they can't be rich by 20, why bother? (hyperbole) just musing, btw... good topic...
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