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  1. i 've throw n out my pasta sauce after beoming very sick after eating pasta.. I ate some the night before with no issues.. <<that was cooked well, but i tossed it as a precaution tonight i realized that milk can also contain salmenella. and that i added a small ammount to my coffe, before i went to bed. i was gonna stay up all night but suddenly became very fatigued.. and thought that 15 hours was already too long to be awake.. as soon as i laid down i got intense cramps. and spent most of the night puking.. I thought i used too much sugar. but those effects are not like this.. with dirrea and pukeing. and moving cramps. in the lower abdomen.. sugar related is usually in the upper stomach. and disipates withinn hours... espacialy when given water and food.. i could not even stomach tap water.. filtered water was more successful and i eventually found that gatorade did not come bak up on me . and helped with my symptoms. I need to test various things in my fridge and parts of my house. For staph, and salmenalla. I suspect the milk we have is contaminated.. and would definatly like to test it before i toss that... $5 down the drain.. I have no job, and almost no money.. if a local store could be found to have one. i could convince my parents to buy it. salmenella and influenza are widespread in my area currently. according to the cdc.. I would think the media would be all over this.. but all i see is batman going balistic and baby murder storeis.. and lots of comcast newsmakers comming up in the middle of the show.. I've found these to be cover ups mostly of thing someone doesnt want us to know.. by going to ondemand news i can bypas this.. but still no news about this.. The internet is the only source that seems to be reporting these issues.. people are dieing.. and there is no news about it.. how sad.. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedafter calling the cdc, i was told they could only give info on previously identified subtances and info on how to prevent it.. =/ And was told to call 1 800 safe food. at the FDA Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedcalling the fda's safe food or info lines also resulted in nothing.. maybe 8pm est is after hours.. Is there an arrangement of chemicals that would give me a result?
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