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  1. I believe one of the articles I cited has a bit about cuckoldry. I'll definitely check out those chapters when I can get my hands on them. Thank you!
  2. Obviously, biologically, the cost of reproduction is greater, from the female perspective. I feel like many of the pros/cons from the female side stem from that fact. And most of the pros/cons for males probably stem from the fact that polyamory is a much more effective way to increase your fitness than monogamy. Anyway, I'm looking for advantages and disadvantages primarily in the evolutionary/biological category, but any category is good, really. I'm just gathering knowledge, at the moment. Attempting to better understand how we're hardwired.
  3. Personal Interest I engaged in a conversation recently that began with a fleeting mention about how, for the sake of my own emotional stability, I wish that monogamy was the natural course of action for human mating strategy. This is a lot like the well-beaten "why do men cheat?" question, but less one-sided, less political/societal, and more biological. Personally, I am a very all-in, committed type. Once I'm in, I don't think about or look at anyone other than my significant other, because I don't want to or feel the need to. It's like everyone else becomes less attractive. I have always been this way. Being a generally heterosexual woman, I'm sure anyone could imagine that it's difficult for me to come across a man that works this way. I'm no man-hating feminist, but it's definitely frustrating when I'm giving my all, and in the back of my mind, I'm constantly reminded that I will most likely never find a partner that invests the way that I do. Prior Research I've seen quite a few articles on the mental health, marital success, etc. of people in polygamous relationships1, and I've seen some on the struggle to accept polyamory in our monogamy-encouraging society2/3/4, but neither of those things are really what I'm looking for. I found it funny that I came across articles regarding the acceptance of polyamory, and getting past the way our monogamous society looks down on infidelity, when in it's been shown that an overwhelming percentage of people have accepted the idea that their partners will probably cheat at least once.6/8 There are even programs geared towards accepting and forgiving infidelity.5 Further Research I'm looking for any peer-reviewed literature on these subjects, and subjects like these, regarding human mating strategies: 1) The pros and cons of polyamory 2) The pros and cons of monogamy 3) What mating strategies are humans evolving towards? 4) Are there significance differences in mating strategy preferences in men vs women?7 I've left some things out, but this is just a quick post to get thoughts flowing. Articles 1. Al-Krenawi, A., Graham, J.R. 2006. A comparison of family functioning, life and marital satisfaction, and mental health of women in polygamous and monogamous marriages. Int J Soc Psychiatry. 52(1): 5-17. 2. Sheff, E. 2005. Polyamorous Women, Sexual Subjectivity and Power. Jour of Contemp Ethnography. 34(3): 251-283. 3. Emens, E.F. 2004. Monogamy's Law: Compulsory Monogamy and Polyamorous Existence. New York Univ Review of Law & Soc Change. 29: 277. 4. Barker, M. 2004. This is my partner, and this is my... partner's partner: Constructing a polyamorous identity in a monogamous world. Jour of Constructivist Psych. 18(1): 75-88. 5. Olmstead, S.B., Blick, R.W., Mills, L.I. 2009. Helping Couples Work Toward the Forgiveness of Marital Infidelity: Therapists' Perspectives. The American Jour of Fam Therapy. 37(1): 48-66. 6. McLendon, P.C. 2009. The Relationship Between Past Infidelity and Acceptance of Infidelity in Others. (http://clearinghouse.missouriwestern.edu/manuscripts/217.php) 7. Cann, A., Magnum, G.L., Wells, M. 2001. Distress in response to relationship infidelity: The roles of gender and attitudes about relationships. Jour of Sex Research. 38(3): 185-190. 8. Sharpe, D.I., Walters, A.S., Goren, M.J. 2013. Effect of Cheating Experience on Attitudes toward Infidelity. Sexuality & Culture. 17: 643-658.
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