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  1. Hello. This is my first post. I am nobody with an average intelligence. I have a very basic understating of time. I want to know if this makes sense. I think time is the movement of things. I am not an expert in physics so by 'things' I mean any fundamental particles. On neutron stars, the gravity is very high. This strong gravity pulls things down, so things move slowly than, say, on the Earth. Thus, time on neutron stars becomes slow. Time on an Earth-orbiting space station goes a little bit faster, because the gravity is a little bit lower than on the surface of the Earth. Time before the Big Bang did not exist, because there were no things before the Big Bang. When there are no things, there is no way to measure the passage of time. Nobody is there, and of course no clock is there. This is indistinguishable from time being stopped. Theoretically I could stop time, if I could stop the movements of everything (all particles). If everything stops, this is indistinguishable from time being stopped.
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