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  1. got a conditional offer for UCL!!! interview was hard, just loads of physics questions

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    2. physica


      hahaha I think UCL is my number one choice. there's been a technicality with dates, my dissertation doesn't get marked until 5th dec, because of this i'm having to take a year out, UCL has reserved my place for a year. I'm taking this year to do an extra module in fluid mechanics and reading up on masters level physics


    3. imatfaal


      that's a bit of a pain. Can you not start your MSc in April? Some Uni.s have two starting dates for advanced degrees. Although it will mean you can get a flying start to what will be a challenging MSc

    4. physica


      I'm going to take a year out, read some masters books on the subject and I'm going to take a course in mathematical methods and fluid mechanics.

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