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  1. Hello, As an amateur, i'd like to ask a very few and basic questions about genetics : 1- Can the genes be altered through a human's life or are they immutable from the beginning till death ? 2- At what scale is it already possible to alter human genes ? 3- How Does altering human genes work, is it very simple or a long operation and how much time do the first results expected from gene manipulation start to show up ? 4- If the genes in a human being are replicated millions of times in every cell, how does one modify genes, does he modify only one piece of DNA or does he have to modify every piece of dna of the human body, or is there a part of the body that is the core dna which the body uses to replicate DNA and regenerate cells ? 5- When approximately will gene alteration for humans will be available and at what scale and at approximately what price ? Will it be affordable or cost millions of dollars at first, how fast will the market of gene modification will evolve and be popularized with a low-cost for the population, is it gonna be a 50 years term, or something like 15 years since the first commercialization ? Sorry if some or all of these questions are stupid and may seem obvious, I'm no expert Thanks immensely
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